Discharge plasma sintering press

Discharge plasma sintering press

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Product Introduction

Application: Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is an advanced pressure sintering technology that utilizes the impulsive discharge to stimulate the instantaneous high temperature, surface activation, discharge impact pressure and other effects of plasma to achieve rapid powder sintering. It is suitable for almost all material types such as metal, ceramic, composite, etc. Features: Accurate and flexible temperature measurement:center axial infrared temperature measurement + thermocouple assisted temperature measurement to realize sample sintering temperature accurate testing. High precision pressure control system:with precise servo hydraulic system and perfect pressure dynamic control technology, the pressure control accuracy can reach ±0.1KN. High load frame structure design: with prestressed beam frame structure design, the whole machine has strong impact resistance and good accuracy retention. Efficient and reliable cooling system: special pressing head material, professional water cooling runner design, perfect water cooling state monitoring, to ensure the machine high temperature, long time sintering stability and reliability. Perfect and convenient operating system: highly integrated operation interface, equipped with a perfect data analysis system, comprehensive monitoring of sintering parameters.
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Effect of Pulse Current on Sintering

Characteristics of spark plasma sintering technology

Rapid sintering:

The heating rate can reach more than 500 ℃/min. The sintering time is significantly less than that of traditional sintering methods such as hot pressing, HIP and pressureless sintering.

Wide range temperature sintering:

Sintering temperature covers the high temperature field from low temperature to 2400 ℃

Purification & Activation Sintering:

Particle surface purification effect (removal of adsorbed gas & oxide film) and particle surface activation effect to achieve sintering of difficult-to-sinter materials

density control sintering:

From porous body to dense sintered body, density control is free and easy

Fine grain sintering:

Rapid heating inhibits grain growth and regulates the microstructure to prepare the required sintered body (one of the best ways to prepare nanocrystalline materials)

temperature gradient sintering:

Fabrication of temperature gradients (hundreds of °C/mm) in the mold to achieve simultaneous sintering of materials with different melting points (one of the best ways to prepare functionally graded materials)

Product advantages

Accurate and flexible temperature measurement method

The central axial infrared temperature measurement (large temperature measurement range, 250°C-2500°C) and thermocouple-assisted temperature measurement can accurately measure the sintering temperature of the sample, which is stable and reliable. At the same time optional lateral infrared temperature measurement.

high precision pressure control system

Using precision servo hydraulic pressure system, equipped with perfect pressure dynamic control technology, equipment pressure control accuracy of up to ± 0.1KN.

Design of High Bearing Frame Structure

The SPS sintering press beam body adopts the prestressed frame structure design, the whole machine has excellent rigidity, strong load and impact resistance, and good precision retention.

Efficient and reliable cooling system

The use of special pressure head materials and optimized water-cooled flow channel design technology, multi-channel water-cooling system, and perfect water-cooled state monitoring makes the whole machine stable and reliable at high temperatures above 2000°C and long-term sintering.

Energy-saving and reliable pulse power supply

Using DC pulse IGBT power supply, waveform control function is rich, pulse ON, OFF, pulse packet interval time, pulse packet number are adjustable, to meet the needs of different research applications.

Perfect and convenient operating system

Highly integrated operation interface, easy to use, equipped with a perfect data analysis system, to achieve pressure, temperature, current, voltage, displacement, vacuum and other parameters of online monitoring.

serialized product parameters

* Products can be customized development


Industry Applications

Spark plasma sintering is suitable for almost all types of materials such as metals, ceramics, composite materials, etc., and is of great significance for the preparation of materials with high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost. In addition, the spark plasma sintering press is not limited to the sintering application of materials, but can also be used for joining, molding, surface modification, etc. At present, foreign targets, ceramic bearings, bulletproof armor, diamond tools and other high-performance products have been industrialized in the preparation of applications.

bulletproof armor ceramic

sputtering target

Aspheric lens mold

Secondary Pressurization Block

ceramic bearing

cemented carbide tool material

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