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Product Introduction

Application: Mainly used for fast and efficient mixing all kinds of metallurgy industry powder materials. Features: Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) is an efficient oarless mixing technology, which is based on the mechanical resonance system to generate high-intensity acoustic vibration excitation and form the coupling effect of macro vibration mixing and micro acoustic flow mixing in the mixed multiphase flow, so as to achieve uniform and rapid mixing without dead corners in the whole field. Maximum mixed acceleration of the equipment 100g, vibration frequency 60±5Hz, maximum loading weight 1kg. The curve of multi-segment programming can be saved, the acceleration running curve can be saved and downloaded. Standard mixing tank volume 0.7L/1L/1.2L, material could be PC, 304 stainless steel and other options; Automatic and manual modes are available; The operation interface is convenient and the data real-time monitoring and analysis system is perfect; Product dimension 700*550*800mm, weight about 100kg.
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Schematic diagram of acoustic resonance mixing principle

Characteristics of acoustic resonance mixing technology


Acoustic resonance mixing realizes material mixing through low-frequency and high-intensity sound wave energy, and the mixing efficiency is several times to dozens of times that of traditional mixing technology, and the uniform mixing of most materials can be realized within 5-10min.


Acoustic resonance mixing produces macroscopic vibration mixing and microscopic acoustic flow mixing during the mixing process, and the resulting shear field can achieve uniform and dead-angle-free mixing of ultra-fine, large density difference, high viscosity and other difficult-to-disperse materials.

Clean environmental protection:

The acoustic resonance mixing adopts a separate sealed tank body, which can realize the mixing of one material and one tank body. There is no other stirring blade through the sound wave energy mixing, which avoids cross-contamination and is easy to clean.

Stable and reliable:

The huge energy density of acoustic resonance mixing can fully break the mixing boundary, a large number of experimental verification shows that acoustic resonance mixing has good mixing repeatability, in addition to good process adaptability, dry mixing/wet mixing can be.

Acoustic Resonance Mixer Working Video


serialized product parameters


Industry Applications

Acoustic resonance mixer has the advantages of high efficiency, uniformity, clean and environmental protection, stability and reliability, and has broad application prospects in the fields of superhard materials, batteries, pharmaceuticals, military and so on. At present, the acoustic resonance mixer has been applied in superhard materials, powder metallurgy, colleges and universities and other industries. The acoustic resonance mixer can significantly improve the mixing efficiency and solve the manufacturing efficiency problem of small batch and multi-formula, and for ultra-fine and other difficult-to-mix powder materials, the acoustic resonance mixer can achieve uniform mixing of the whole field under the appropriate mixing process, providing new ideas for product performance improvement and new product development.

superhard material

Suitable for metal bonding agent, resin bonding agent, ceramic bonding agent and other kinds of super hard material products mixed preparation application

Other areas

Acoustic resonance mixer has broad application prospects in the fields of battery, pharmacy, electronics, chemical, biology, paint and so on.

Electronic field

Battery field

Pharmaceutical field

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chemical field

Materials Field

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