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Scientific Research Platform

As a gathering place for innovative elements such as talents, funds, and information, the technology innovation platform is an important platform for incubating, transforming, and industrializing innovative achievements. It serves as a crucial foundation for implementing innovation-driven strategies and optimizing and upgrading industrial structures. 
Over the years, ZZSM has actively insisted on integrating into the national innovation layout and striving to create an innovation highland. Currently, it has 16 national, provincial, and municipal-level scientific research platforms, including the "National Key Laboratory for High Performance Tools", "National Superabrasives Materials & Products Engineering Research Center", "National Abrasives Industry Metrology and Testing Center", and "National Enterprise Technology Center." Additionally, it has 13 national and provincial-level industry institutions, such as "National Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Abrasives", "National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee", "National Productivity Promotion Center for Superhard Materials and Products", "National Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform", "China Machine Tool Association Superhard Materials Branch", national core journal "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" magazine, etc. The company is the leading unit of "National Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for High-Efficiency Precision Abrasives" and "Henan Province Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Superhard Materials and Products". It has received numerous national and provincial-level honors and qualifications, including "China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" and "Seventh Batch of National Manufacturing Single Champion Products".

Scientific Research Platform