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Sanmill Institute held the first "grinding people sailing" backbone training course

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On August 21, Sanmo Institute held the opening meeting of the first "Grinding people sailing" backbone training class and the first concentrated learning. Company general manager Chen Enhou attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


Mr. Chen emphasized that the training of key employees is an important part of the construction of the company's talent team, which is of great significance for the in-depth implementation of the talent strategy, the enhancement of the company's core competitiveness, and the promotion of the company's high-quality development. General Manager Chen hopes that everyone will cherish this opportunity, study and think seriously, not only make themselves have new improvement in thought, new progress in ability, but also have new progress in work.


The Human Resources Department introduced in detail the design and operation of the learning development project of "Grinding People to Sail Far". For the first time, I focused on the theme "Horizontal & Upward Management", focusing on the improvement of self-leadership. This training invited Mr. Chu Yi, an expert from the think tank of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management Science, to give a lecture. Mr. Chu used the teaching method of key case method and led everyone to learn the methods and skills of communication and cooperation through wonderful classroom presentation.


"Grinding people sailing" is a learning and development project for the backbone employees of the company. With the purpose of hand in hand and win-win future, it helps the core backbone to consolidate the professional foundation, realize the improvement and reshaping of comprehensive capabilities, create a professional talent team, and do a good job in human resources support for the high-quality development of the company.



Correspondent: Chen Jianxia