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Overcome difficulties and hard work - Zhengzhou Sanmill strive to achieve the "double half" goal task

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In 2020, in the face of various adverse effects brought by the epidemic, Sanmo Institute closely focused on the two fronts of "fighting against the epidemic" and "ensuring operation", united and fought bravely. After achieving a "good start" in the first quarter of growth against the trend, it once again achieved the "double over half" target task in the second quarter, and wrote the responsibility of state-owned enterprises with loyalty and dedication.

Set the mindset, strictly manage, and do everything possible to promote efficiency.Thoroughly analyze the impact of the epidemic and external environmental changes on enterprises, plan ahead and implement precise policies. We have developed an overall work concept of "saving quantity and finding increment", established a regular discussion mechanism for the interconnection and linkage between business and production ends, and identified problems and closed gaps in a timely manner by backdating target tasks, subdividing data nodes. Through tight and orderly coordination in the company's marketing, production, quality inspection, warehousing, and shipping processes, we ensure efficient and smooth delivery from order placement to transportation.


Seize opportunities, strengthen key points, and do everything possible to ensure operation.Fully utilize the opportunity of strong national support for the development of the semiconductor chip industry, adjust the marketing organizational structure, and establish a professional marketing team; Improve incentive policies and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of business personnel; In the first half of the year, the company achieved a significant year-on-year growth in orders for products used in the semiconductor industry and the automotive industry, becoming the backbone for the company to achieve its mission goals. The system implements customer grading and classification management, vigorously promotes project based key customer management, and smoothly achieves incremental business expansion. Project based key customer orders have grown rapidly year-on-year, becoming the main force for new orders.


Strong work style, boost motivation, and focus on overcoming difficulties.We always adhere to guiding high-quality development with high-quality party building, and comprehensively carry out the "High quality Development, How We Do It" discussion activity throughout the company, guiding employees to provide suggestions and suggestions for the company's development. Joining the "July 1st" series of activities, we will carry out activities such as leadership going to the grassroots level and party members highlighting their identities. We require all party members and cadres to further transform their work style, carry forward the spirit of being particularly capable of fighting and enduring hardships, go deep into the grassroots level and go to the front line, concentrate on practical work, do more practical things, solve more problems, and ensure the successful achievement of the "double over half" goal with stronger responsibility, more practical measures, and stricter work style.



Correspondents: Shang Jiali, Zhang Hongyi