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Don't be afraid of the long winter days, there will always be flowers blooming - Diary of epidemic line employees who have been locked down for 53 days

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January 23, 2020 (two days before the lockdown)

   The day before yesterday, the company officially had a holiday and decided to go home today. I heard that the infectious disease in Wuhan is very severe, and my family has repeatedly instructed me to wear masks from the moment I leave my place of residence. In the morning, there are very few people at subway stations and high-speed rail stations, and there are not many people wearing masks. Perhaps it's not serious enough, and people don't pay much attention when they go out.

     When we arrived at our hometown, there were police officers, ambulances, and volunteers at the exit of the high-speed railway station to take their temperature. When I came out, I also encountered someone who had a high temperature and was pulled into an ambulance. I thought it was a bit funny at the time, this person is really unlucky.

     I had lunch with my parents and heard that relatives who work at the central hospital said they are tightly wrapped every day at work. When encountering patients with fever, mandatory isolation measures are taken. Is it really that serious? "I thought to myself


January 24, 2020 (one day before the lockdown)

    Today is the Chinese New Year, I used to be very happy. But I heard that a notice has been issued to prevent the group from gathering. Previously, during the Chinese New Year, more than a dozen relatives were together. This year, it was cold and quiet, and there were only three people at home. Everyone paid their respects by phone and WeChat. However, there are not many patients in Suizhou who have heard about it, but the situation in Wuhan has become very severe, and the Huoshen Mountain Hospital is already under construction. I hope to overcome the difficulties earlier. After dinner in the evening, I sent a New Year greeting message to some friends and teachers. Everyone comforted each other for a moment, but they didn't feel that the disease was particularly serious. It might just be a pandemic.


January 25, 2020 (the first day of lockdown)

     The city has been officially closed today, and the operation of public transportation and long-distance passenger transportation in the urban area of Suizhou has been suspended. All national and provincial roads are closed. Suizhou citizens cannot leave and cannot go to other provinces. The government called for no going out and forced the masses not to gather in groups. Today is the third day of squatting at home. It's okay not to go out for three days in a row. It's so cold outside and it's not convenient to go out. Just stay at home and be honest. Anyway, the holiday has just begun. The infectious disease has been named COVID-19. It's said that it is very similar to the SARS in 2003. I'd better pray to defeat the virus as soon as possible.


January 26, 2020 (second day of lockdown)

    The atmosphere today is somewhat incorrect, and everyone is beginning to realize the seriousness of the problem. The neighboring Henan province has already taken hard core measures. The village road is cut and the community is closed. Foreign personnel are not allowed in. In my hometown, I can no longer see pedestrians on the road. Before the Chinese New Year, the roads were crowded. High school students began to complain about the Hubei Provincial Government and Wuhan Municipal Government in the WeChat group. Concealment, admonition, community gathering of ten thousand people. The various inappropriate government measures in the early stage have caused dissatisfaction among everyone. The students began to complain about the road being blocked and the high-speed rail stopping, so they couldn't go back to work.


January 27, 2020 (third day of lockdown)

  Continue to stay at home today. The situation is changing so quickly, every day is the same. Pneumonia is becoming increasingly severe, and some of my friends' units have been requisitioned by the government for resources. Masks, gloves, and disinfectant have all been requisitioned by the government. Various voices online are beginning to appear, some complaining, some angry, some sad, and some mocking. More and more patients are passing away, and students in the WeChat group are feeling sad and pessimistic.


January 28, 2020 (the the fourth day of closing the city)

     Wuhan has been diagnosed with several thousand cases, and there have been more than ten cases in their hometown of Suizhou. Everyone is starting to fear, I heard that this virus is very cunning. In the early stages, there are no symptoms, but it can be transmitted to others. It can remain in the air and on the door handle. The students all speculate that they will go home to work after resuming work. There are still 5 days left before the official start of work, let's wait. Maybe there's a turning point.


February 1, 2020 (eighth day of lockdown)

    Feeling like the world is about to collapse, negative emotions surge every day. Various videos and information are disseminated on WeChat and Weibo. There are things about medical staff, things about patients, and things about volunteers. Various human tragedies are unfolding, and students are already cursing in the group. We are all discussing why the city should not be closed earlier, why so many people should be allowed to leave Wuhan, why vigilance should be relaxed in the early stages, and why it should be said at the beginning that "no one has passed on, it can be prevented and controlled". Some relatives of our classmates have already been admitted to the hospital, and it feels like life, aging, illness, and death are very close to us. It feels so good to be alive.


February 9, 2020 (17th day of lockdown)

     I haven't been out for three weeks at home, and my only activity every day is to go downstairs and take out the garbage at night. The first thing I wake up every morning now is to open Weibo to check the number of confirmed cases, severe cases, and deaths. Feeling heartbroken and scared, I dare not go out. The unit has notified that work will be postponed for a few days. But being in a high incidence area of the epidemic, I cannot go back either. I can only stay at home honestly, not go out, not move around, and not cause trouble to the country. Fortunately, Huoshen Mountain Hospital was delivered for use a week ago, and it should be relieved.


February 12, 2020 (20th day of lockdown)

    Everyone is discussing who should be responsible. Is it CDC? Is it the Health Commission? Or the governments of Hubei Province and Wuhan? COVID-19 killed many people, and many wives broke up and died. Today, someone in the group called for donations and supplies to hospitals in the city and county. I also contributed. Since you can't go out and volunteer, please provide some material assistance. I helped to contact Suixian Hospital and sent a batch of materials over. The strength of the alumni is still very strong. At a critical moment, it can be considered as a significant contribution to the people.


February 16, 2020 (24th day of lockdown)

     I have been working from home for several days. Today is still under home quarantine and I haven't been out for almost a month. I didn't feel overwhelmed. Work is slowly returning to normal, the only difference is that there is no heating at home and it's a bit cold. The computer restored the system a few days ago, and it took a long time to install the required software. Finally, I can process the article normally and draw pictures.


February 24, 2020 (32nd day of lockdown)

   The university has not yet started, and it is unknown how much impact pneumonia will have on the school's opening. There was a conference call this afternoon. Department colleagues and teachers from Chongqing University discussed the matter of holding a meeting in May. I have focused on discussing some issues. The tentative meeting time remains unchanged, and everything will follow the normal process. I hope the pneumonia will end in March and April. In this way, the work in the first half of the year will not have such a significant impact.


March 1, 2020 (38th day of lockdown)

     The company has issued the latest policy, and employees from other provinces with health certificates can return without quarantine. Everyone's work has basically become formal. I am also good at working from home, and the progress of meetings, editing articles, and handling work matters are also smooth. Pneumonia has not received as much attention as it did in the previous month or two. With the joint efforts of the government and the people, pneumonia has been basically controlled. Life still needs to continue, work still needs to follow suit. To live, one must always eat.


March 5, 2020 (42nd day of lockdown)

    I encountered a very talented author while processing the third issue of the article today. Young people in 1998, still in their undergraduate studies, were able to publish a core journal paper. Think about what I did during my undergraduate studies? It seems like I haven't done anything, it's truly terrifying for the future. When communicating, people are also very humble, one teacher at a time, a bit embarrassed. Achieving such great success at a young age is still so humble. That's really impressive.


March 12, 2020 (49th day of lockdown)

   I have been home for over fifty days and have never gone out except for taking out the garbage every night. Clothes have also changed from thick winter clothing to spring clothing. The company's prevention and control measures are still quite strict. Everyone needs to report their health every day, and their body temperature needs to be measured when entering or leaving the workplace. Previously, all doors checked in on the nails and reported their temperature on time every day. I'm the only one left now. I really want to go back to work so I don't have to punch in the nails.


March 16, 2020 (the 53rd day of the city lockdown)

  It's great to hear that the city has been lifted. Suizhou has added zero for more than ten consecutive days, and the death toll has already dropped to zero. The county should also be lifted soon. Once the lockdown is lifted, I should be able to return to work at the company, and I'm not sure if I need to undergo quarantine.


March 18, 2020 (the second day after unblocking)

     Yesterday, the county also lifted the ban and looked back at Zheng's ticket. The ticket was tight, but fortunately we had prepared in advance, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to grab the ticket.

    After winter, wait for the flowers to bloom!