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Caring for Employees, Promoting Development, Cutting Hair, Entering the Factory, Warming People's Hearts

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In the current severe and complex situation of novel coronavirus epidemic, as the first batch of enterprises in the high-tech zone to resume production smoothly, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute has responded to the call of the state and the company, overcome many difficulties, returned to their jobs from all directions, and worked overtime and hard for the company's economic development. In order to serve the vast number of employees and solve their worries, with the care and support of the company and union leaders, the company union has coordinated and communicated with multiple parties, and specially invited professional hairdressers to provide free on-site hair cutting services for employees.


The Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, Liu Ming, led colleagues from the Trade Union Office to carefully organize and actively prepare for this event. The entry procedures of hairdressers should be carried out in strict accordance with the company's process of returning to work and returning to production personnel, filling in relevant forms, measuring body temperature, signing the commitment letter for the prevention and control of COVID-19, and wearing masks; The hair salon is located in a ventilated and open yoga room, equipped with disinfectant, alcohol, and hand sanitizer. Barbers and employees are required to wear masks throughout the entire process and take good safety precautions.

In order to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of hair cutting activities, the comrades in the labor union office not only formulated a detailed and feasible order table for hair cutting personnel, but also strengthened planning and communication, so that the hair cutting process will not cause gatherings due to excessive personnel, increase prevention and control risks, and not lead to low efficiency and affect the normal production order of various departments due to poor connection.


After two days of intense and busy work on March 2nd and 3rd, this on-site hair cutting event came to a successful end, providing hair cutting services to over 250 employees, solving the "top priority" of the majority of employees, extending and expanding the depth and breadth of union work, making union work more humane, warm, and caring, and receiving unanimous praise from leaders and employees.



Correspondent: Cai Jianwei from the Labor Union Office