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Sonic Rose Loyal Performance of Duty in the War of "Epidemic" Revealing Women's Style - A Record of the Work of Female Cadres in Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute to Fight the Epidemic

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2020 is an extraordinary year. The coming COVID-19 has pushed the pause button for busy cities. In this war without gunpowder, there are red figures flowing in Zhengzhou Sanmo. They are mothers, daughters, and wives. However, on this special Spring Festival, they bravely fought in every corner of the company's epidemic prevention and control, holding up the "half sky" of the war, and demonstrated the strength of women to win the epidemic prevention and control battle with their practical actions.

Mu Guiying on the epidemic prevention front

The epidemic is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Faced with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, Diao Yinyan, the Minister of the Comprehensive Management Department, led the office director of the company's epidemic prevention and control leadership group, shouldering the heavy responsibility of coordinating the epidemic prevention and control throughout the company. Before New Year's Eve, she was already busy like a top, and throughout the Spring Festival, she was in a "white plus black" work mode. During the day, she coordinated and made every effort to prepare epidemic prevention and control materials in various ways. She tried every means to purchase scarce materials such as disinfectant, thermometer, hand sanitizer, alcohol, spray cans, protective masks, and protective gloves for the unit. During the preparation for resumption of work, she further improved and refined the internal disinfection measures of the company, carefully arranged various preparations and application acceptance before resumption of work, and promoted the smooth and smooth resumption of work by the company on February 11th, Becoming the first batch of enterprises to resume work and production in Zhengzhou High tech Zone. In the evening, she consulted materials, worked overtime to draft various documents, plans, and work systems for epidemic prevention and control, organized the preparation of promotional banners, entry and exit permits, and prevention manuals, and issued work certificates for employees. As a Communist Party member, Diao Yinyan has fulfilled her original mission of being willing to take responsibility with practical actions.


Leading the way in epidemic prevention and control

Doing simple things well is not simple, and doing ordinary things well is extraordinary. Comrade Zhao Chunhong from the Comprehensive Management Department has been working diligently and silently in his position for decades, and is the respected "big sister" of everyone in the company. This time, she served as the leader of the epidemic prevention and control publicity team, led Shang Jiali and Lei Yawen to focus on the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production, recorded the company's practice of "fighting the epidemic and ensuring the operation" in words and photos, and contributed more than 20 articles to news websites at all levels and WeChat official account, so that all employees and customers could feel the company's determination to overcome the epidemic and feel more confident about the smooth operation of the enterprise. At the same time, she also conscientiously completes every official document issuance task assigned by company leaders and department directors, including typesetting, printing, and distribution. She "packs and sings". To ensure the quality of official documents, she spends more than ten hours a day staring at the computer screen, reading the typeset documents word for word, carefully reviewing them, and ensuring accuracy. Before resuming work, she returned to work early in order to complete the employee's work certificate in a timely manner without opening the cafeteria or providing heating, and even froze her body. Zhao Chunhong said, "Currently, with the pandemic, everyone wants to contribute to this battle, and as a party member, we should even be ahead


Logistics "Support Forces" for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Short and thin, wearing a pair of black framed glasses, Li Shujun, a female cadre from the Production Support Department, gave people the impression of being "powerless". This was her first impression, but she was not very impressive. However, she supported the company's supply of epidemic prevention materials during the epidemic prevention war, allowing employees who returned to work to have no worries. In order to make good preparations for acceptance before the company resumes work, she returned to work in advance to prepare and print the Personnel Registration Form, disinfection and sterilization Record Form and various prompt slogans. As a member of the material support team, she is responsible for the inventory, distribution, and replenishment of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, and laundry detergent. Materials are in short supply and not easy to obtain. Since the company officially resumed work on February 11th, she has carefully compared the resumption of work in various departments, registered and distributed existing materials in a reasonable and orderly manner, and conducted statistical analysis of material requisition, estimated future usage needs, established an inventory ledger, ensured the need for resumption of work, and avoided unnecessary waste. In the battle against the epidemic, no position is unimportant. The unknown hard work and warm escort of this "most beautiful" logistics "support soldier have built a safety barrier for returning employees to fully participate in the epidemic prevention and control battle!


Upward in the wind, fearless of the epidemic. There are many such "women's armies" fighting in the battle against the "epidemic" in Sanmo Station, Zhengzhou, contributing their strength. They are the propagandists and supervisors of this battle, and also brave and fearless female combatants! There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who stand up. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, we will surely achieve the ultimate victory in the fight against the epidemic and usher in an incredibly bright spring together!