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On the first day of resuming work, Zhengzhou Sanmo Station guarded the epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the operation of the epidemic

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On February 11th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute welcomed its first day of resumption of work. Faced with this resumption of work battle and the pandemic exam, the company was prepared and took multiple measures to comprehensively carry out epidemic prevention and control work on the first day of resumption of work.

Access control

Strengthen personnel and vehicle entry and exit control, set up epidemic prevention and testing checkpoints at the company gate, register all vehicles entering the company, disinfect the wheels, and require all personnel entering the company to wear masks, register with their real names, measure their temperature, and confirm that their temperature is normal before entering the company. At the same time, returning employees are required to avoid taking public transportation to and from work as much as possible. It is recommended to walk, ride, or take private cars to work.


Distribute materials

Establish a list of emergency supplies management, increase procurement efforts for masks, disinfection supplies, and other reserves, and ensure that epidemic prevention materials are available on demand. At the same time, we will coordinate and ensure the needs of the frontline and key areas of epidemic prevention and control. On the first day of resumption of work, we will distribute existing materials in a reasonable and orderly manner to various departments, laying a material foundation for the smooth start of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production.


Off peak dining

Strengthen the hygiene supervision and standardized operation of the cafeteria. In addition to daily comprehensive disinfection treatment of the cafeteria, the catering company is required to further strengthen material procurement and personnel management. To avoid centralized dining, a staggered peak dining system was adopted according to the department. On the first day of resumption of work, all returning employees wore masks and brought their own utensils, achieving orderly and batch meal collection.


Leading Care

Yan Ning, Secretary of the Company's Party Committee and Chairman, led the company's leadership team to visit various party branches, departments, and frontline workshop teams to gain a detailed understanding of grassroots epidemic prevention work, the number of returning personnel, and measures for resuming work and production. Yan Ning emphasized that the current epidemic has entered a complex period, and all party branches and departments should actively cooperate with the company's party committee, effectively and orderly coordinate epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, take the political responsibility of state-owned enterprises to prevent the epidemic, stabilize production, ensure supply, and promote development, firmly adhere to the annual task goals, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.






(Correspondent: Shang Jiali, Comprehensive Management Department of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute)