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Further Deployment and Implementation - Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds a Special Video Conference on Further Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Resumption Arrangements

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On February 10th, Zhengzhou Sanmo held a special meeting in the form of a video conference to further strengthen the arrangement of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work. The meeting conscientiously implemented the instructions of the central government, State Machinery Group, and Axis Research Technology on epidemic prevention and control work, and deployed arrangements for further strengthening the company's epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work. Fifty members of the company's leadership team, as well as middle-level and above cadres, participated in the video conference.

The meeting was chaired by Diao Yinyan, Minister of General Management Department. At the meeting, Yan Ning, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the company, gave a deployment speech. He pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company's party committee has closely followed the epidemic, quickly arranged and deployed, established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, and formulated the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan". This has effectively achieved a feasible mechanism, improved organization, assigned responsibilities to individuals, and effective work, and orderly and effective prevention and control work. At present, the COVID-19 is in a climbing period, and the staff turnover brought by the resumption of work will bring greater difficulties and challenges to the epidemic prevention and control work of the company. All party branches and departments should fully recognize the seriousness and complexity of epidemic prevention and control work, improve their political stance, take the initiative to take action, effectively integrate party leadership into epidemic prevention and control work, ensure the coordination, efficiency, and rapid response of the organizational system, and form a strong joint force to fight against the epidemic.


He emphasized that the current company is facing both difficulties in epidemic prevention and resumption of work, as well as difficulties in ensuring safety and growth. It is necessary to focus on handling the following relationships: first, to handle the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and economic development. We should prioritize epidemic prevention and control, make prevention and control work practical and detailed, implement various guarantee systems in place, clarify responsibilities, and regard prevention and control work as a guarantee for economic development, safeguarding the company's business activities. The second is to handle the relationship between infallibility and infallibility. We must always prioritize epidemic prevention work in all aspects, strictly prevent and control it, gradually and steadily promote the resumption of work, and ensure that no one case occurs during the epidemic period. The third is to handle the relationship between being prepared and not being used and not being prepared. We need to strengthen the reserve of necessary materials, especially strengthen inventory management capabilities, scientifically plan, and ensure that the reserve of epidemic prevention materials is not less than 10 days, and the reserve of production materials is not less than one month.

Subsequently, the executive vice general manager of the company, Chen Enhou, made specific arrangements and deployments for the key points and precautions of business operations during the epidemic period, requiring all departments to comprehensively carry out the "one game" work deployment of the entire company while fighting the epidemic, orderly promote the resumption of work and production, and strive to minimize the adverse effects of the epidemic. Assistant General Manager Zhu Xiaowei gave a speech on production support, and Director of the Comprehensive Management Department Diao Yinyan gave a presentation on the company's epidemic prevention plan and measures.