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The "Third QC Group Achievement Publishing Competition" of Sanmo Institute Successfully Held

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To further promote quality management for all employees, cultivate QC group activity talents with theoretical knowledge and practical guidance ability, and continuously improve the level of QC group activities, Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. held the "Third QC Group Achievement Publishing Competition" on December 25th in the report hall on the second floor of the company.


In 2019, various production departments of the Three Grinding Institute actively carried out QC group activities, organizing and implementing a total of 42 projects, with 159 participants. After on-site acceptance and evaluation, 22 topics were determined to participate in the publication competition.


This publication competition consists of a review team composed of heads of various production departments, and a questioning team composed of quality engineers from each production department. For the first time, the review team and questioning team jointly questioned the published topic. The evaluation team evaluated the effectiveness of the QC group's project publication in accordance with the evaluation criteria for achievement publication in the "QC Group Activity Management Measures", following the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness. They selected one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, five excellent awards, and one benchmark unit for the starting table competition.


The successful holding of this "QC Publishing Competition" has played a promoting role in improving the quality management and quality improvement of all employees in Sanmo Institute, enhancing the quality awareness of frontline employees, strengthening the practical application of quality tools and methods, and improving the systematic thinking ability to solve on-site problems. According to statistics, through the implementation of QC group activities, efficiency improvement projects have promoted an average process efficiency improvement of about 20-30%, and the technical performance indicators and process qualification rate of quality improvement projects have achieved significant breakthroughs.

Assistant to the General Manager of Sanmo Institute, Zhu Xiaowei, fully affirmed the implementation and effectiveness of QC group activities this year, and shared experiences on "what is QC activity" and "how to do QC activity well". He emphasized that the implementation of QC activities should focus on cause analysis, and the heads of each production department should play a leading role, attach importance to and pay attention to quality improvement. The next step in QC activities is to be problem oriented, add mandatory topics for the company, initiate projects at any time, fully utilize QC tool methodology, strengthen process supervision, review, and tracking, pay attention to the cultivation of quality awareness, knowledge, and skills among participants, and continuously strengthen the actual effectiveness of QC group activity topics.