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Broad Horizon, Great Achievements - San Mo Institute Holds a Face to Face Symposium between New Employees and Chairman in 2019

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On the afternoon of December 13th, a face-to-face symposium between the new employees and the chairman of Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. for the year 2019 was held in the conference room on the fourth floor. Yan Ning, Chairman of Sanmo Institute, Cui Xia, Minister of Human Resources Department, and 18 fresh graduates from 2019 attended the meeting.


After 18 new employees introduced themselves one by one, Yan Ning first welcomed everyone to join the big family of Sanmo Institute and reviewed with the attendees a series of training activities organized by the company over the past six months, including training and mentoring.

This symposium collected a total of 47 questions from 18 new employees, covering four aspects: personal career development, company development planning, mindset, and logistical support. Yan Ning will provide answers for everyone one by one: In terms of career development, Yan Ning stated that each position in the company has its own promotion channels and corresponding promotion standards, and the development channels are not single, but can be multi-directional. You can choose the direction of development according to your personal situation. The company will provide a growth and development platform for everyone, encouraging everyone to not only look up to the stars, but also be down-to-earth.


In response to questions about the company's development plan, Yan Ning mentioned that the company aims to become a leader in the superhard materials industry to achieve business transformation, and has communicated with everyone about the overall positioning, development ideas, resource allocation, and other specific business.

In terms of logistics support, Yan Ning stated that he will require relevant departments to develop improvement plans to gradually improve the accommodation environment, timely solve various problems encountered in everyone's lives, convey the warmth of the enterprise family, and provide opportunities and conditions for the growth and success of big families.

Finally, in response to the anxiety and confusion raised by new employees at the current stage, Yan Ning shared her personal experiences and encouraged everyone to do a solid job in their current work, starting from the grassroots level, learning in their positions, researching in practice, strengthening learning and communication with colleagues and teachers, emphasizing the combination of theory and practice, transforming theoretical knowledge into action, and truly achieving practical results, Achieve success in learning.

After face-to-face communication with the chairman, newly hired college students were encouraged and expressed that they will not disappoint the expectations of the company and its leaders, study hard, study hard, work hard, continuously improve themselves, exercise themselves, and grow into useful talents in the company as soon as possible, contributing to the development and growth of Sanmo.

This symposium was held in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, reflecting the company's emphasis on new employees. It is conducive to listening to employees' voices, enhancing mutual understanding between colleagues and leaders, helping new employees better and faster integrate into the collective, and has positive significance for the long-term development of the company.