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San Mo Institute organizes training on "Contract Risk Prevention and Control" and "Project based Sales Standardization Management"

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In order to accelerate the growth of new sales personnel and enhance their business capabilities, Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. organized and conducted training on contract risk prevention and control and project based sales standardization management for new sales personnel in the fourth floor conference room on November 29th, according to the annual training plan. This training will be conducted in the form of a symposium, and senior consultants from the marketing department, Sun Shaohua, marketing management Zheng Zhimin, and Sun Xiaoping will be invited to give lectures.


Sun Shaohua gave a comprehensive lecture on the topic of contract risk prevention and control from four aspects: sales personnel should know, should be proficient, excellent professional skills, and contract risk prevention and control. Through practical cases of the company, he demonstrated 19 potential risks and precautions during the contract signing process. With his years of work experience, he shared his viewpoint with everyone: business work is not difficult, and one should have a small goal in mind. Learn to accumulate and start from small things, Be ambitious, take a broad view of the situation, leverage your strengths, fully leverage opportunities, and be adept at creating momentum. After the course, we will answer questions for everyone. Through this lecture, we have strengthened the risk prevention and control awareness of new sales personnel and laid a solid foundation for the company's risk prevention and control work management.


Zheng Zhimin first shared the course background of project-based sales standardization management. This course is an internal transfer training for the training of "Project based Sales Standardization Management" at the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Products in July. Based on the course gains, and based on his years of experience in marketing management, he and Sun Xiaoping shared the collection, analysis, and application of intelligence from three aspects: identification, control, and breaking, and established the advantages of order formation The strategy of changing the position of the decision-making team and teaching the C139 method for controlling large project orders.

Through this lecture, new sales personnel have gained a deeper understanding of project-based sales, and have also broadened their thinking mode, which has played a positive guiding role in business expansion work.


                                                                                                             Human Resources Department Chen Jianxia