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The 4th "San Mo Cup" Table Tennis Mixed Team Competition of Zhengzhou San Mo Institute has come to a successful end

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To cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation among employees and enrich their leisure lives, Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. held the fourth "Three Grinding Cup" mixed table tennis team competition on September 24-25 in the table tennis room on the fifth floor.


In this competition, nearly 50 players from 9 representative teams from each branch of Sanmo Institute participated. According to the competition rules, each mixed team competition consists of five events: mixed doubles, men's 1 singles, men's doubles, women's singles, and men's 2 singles. The competition was tense and exciting, and the players fought hard and bravely on the field, presenting many exciting and intense scenes; On the sidelines of the competition, cheers, applause, and sighs of regret echoed one after another.

After two days, three rounds, and fourteen matches, a team composed of Cai Jianwei, Diao Yinyan, Wang Zhiqiang, Zhao Xinghao, Zhao Liang, and Zhang Shuai from the San Mo Institute One Branch stood out. Through careful organization, meticulous tactical arrangements, and tenacious style, they achieved a total victory in six matches and won the championship of the fourth "San Mo Cup" table tennis mixed team. The representative team from the Two Branch Institute and the representative team from the Nine Branch Institute One Branch respectively ranked second and third.




After the competition, a brief award ceremony was held, presided over by Liu Ming, a trade union member and presiding judge of Sanmo Institute. Zhao Yanjun, the deputy general manager of Sanmo Institute, presented trophies and bonuses to the champion and representative team of the first branch of the competition. Wang Weitao, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, chairman of the trade union, and Zhao Bo, the deputy chairman of the trade union, respectively presented bonuses to the second and third place representative teams.