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Etiquette in the World, Winning in Three Mills - Business Etiquette Training for Management Employees

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In order to improve the comprehensive quality of management personnel and enhance the corporate image, on August 24th, the training room on the fourth floor of Sanmo Institute held a professional image shaping and business etiquette training for management personnel. 33 employees from various management departments of Sanmo Institute participated in this training. This training invited Diao Yinyan, the Secretary of the Board of Directors and Director of the Office of the Board of Directors of Sanmo Institute, to give lectures to everyone. Teacher Diao has passed the certification of City&Guilds International Senior Etiquette Trainer in the UK, ACI Registered International Senior Vocational Trainer in the US, and has obtained the professional qualification of Senior Etiquette Trainer at the China Business Federation Commercial Vocational Skills Appraisal Center.

Teacher Diao, based on his years of work experience, explained in detail the business etiquette that an excellent manager should possess from nine aspects: image etiquette, appearance etiquette, and workplace etiquette. In the course, he demonstrated and guided everyone to engage in interactive practice. Each group actively responded, and the on-site atmosphere was very lively.




Demonstration of handshake and sitting etiquette



 Interactive communication among on-site students


After the course ended, everyone expressed that the training content was particularly suitable for the current work environment, breaking their blind spots in etiquette and achieving great results.




 Group photo of trainees as a souvenir