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Promoting Traditional Culture and Stimulating Patriotic Passion

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In order to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the nation, promote the spirit of patriotism, and practice the core socialist values, Comrade Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute, recently visited the Ninth Party Branch and together with a large number of retired party members, held the Yashang Lecture Hall with the theme of "Stimulating Patriotic Enthusiasm and Promoting Traditional Culture" to jointly appreciate Qu Yuan's immortal poems.

The entire Yashang Lecture Hall has rich content, diverse forms, full of emotions, and a warm atmosphere. Some party members shared the origin and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, some party members told legends and stories about the Dragon Boat Festival, some party members recited classic poems and articles such as "The road is long and far, I will search up and down", and the veteran party member Wei Fengwu also improvised a poem titled "Feeling about the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival", To commemorate and commemorate the great politician and patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

During the tasting process, every party member actively immersed themselves in the rich atmosphere of reciting and appreciating classic and beautiful texts. The party members briefly discussed their understanding of Qu Yuan's classic words and phrases, and some even expressed their views on topics such as realizing the "Chinese Dream" and "two studies and one action". Everyone agrees that Qu Yuan's works are magnificent and eloquent, making him the father of Chinese poetry. He cares about the country and the people, and his integrity and integrity are exemplary examples for us to learn from.

At the end of the event, Comrade Wang Weitao gave a concluding speech. He first warmly welcomed and wished the retired party members who participated in the Dragon Boat Festival event on behalf of the company's party committee. He pointed out that a nation cannot stand tall among the world's ethnic groups without a great spirit. This Yashang Lecture allowed us to revisit Qu Yuan's national spirit centered on patriotism, which is novel in form and exciting in content, It is a vivid manifestation of the innovative Party building work carried out by the Ninth Party Branch. We hope that the branch will continue to combine the theme of "never forget its original intention, always remember its mission" educational activities to better promote the Party building work of the branch.