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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute conducts financial and performance management training

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According to the company's 2019 training plan, on the morning of May 25th, the financial and performance management training for Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute was held in the training room on the fourth floor. More than 50 people, including middle-level and above leaders, accountants from various departments, and relevant business personnel, participated in the training.


This training invited Professor Liu Qi, the master's supervisor of Zhongyuan University of Technology, to give a lecture. Professor Liu provided detailed explanations on the theme of finance and performance management from three aspects: the differences and connections between finance and accounting, the foundation of accounting and accounting statements, and report indicators and performance management. In order to better apply the learning content to practical work, on-site communication and Q&A were also organized for the learning content.


Through this training, the understanding of basic financial knowledge and financial statements among company management cadres has been further strengthened. At the same time, it has greatly improved everyone's ability to use key financial analysis to judge and evaluate business operations, grasp business conditions, and operate efficiently.