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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute organizes special training on quality management system standards

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To further enhance the understanding and mastery of GB/T19001-2016 "Quality Management System Requirements" by internal auditors and quality engineers of the company, improve the level of quality management, and ensure the effective operation of the quality management system. Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute planned and organized a special training on the quality management system from May 23rd to 24th, with over thirty internal auditors and quality engineers from various departments of the company participating in the training.

 The training invited Guo Tongsheng, a full-time senior training lecturer from Huaxin Technology Inspection Co., Ltd., to give a lecture. Guo explained the seven principles of quality management, quality management system requirements, as well as the organization and implementation of internal audits in a simple and concise manner. During the teaching process, practical audit cases were used, making it easier for students to understand, master, and apply.

  Through this training, students have gained a further understanding of the quality management system, helping them integrate the requirements of the quality management system with practical business, and apply the quality management system to their daily work in the future.