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The company held a 2019 work conference

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On February 2nd, the 2019 work meeting of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute was held in the company's report hall, summarizing the work for 2018 and deploying the work for 2019. 190 people, including representatives from the leaders of Axis Research Technology, representatives from the company's board of directors, all members of the company's leadership team, and representatives of employees from various departments, attended the meeting. The conference will be presided over by General Manager Assistant Comrade Shao Junyong.



The conference will first be presented by Yan Ning, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager, with a work report titled "Transformation, Upgrading, Optimizing Structure, Continuously Promoting Strategic Implementation, and Building a New Situation of High Quality Development for Sanmo Institute". In the report, Yan Ning pointed out that 2018 was a year when the country continued to deepen supply side reforms, promote high-quality economic development, accelerate the transformation of old and new driving forces, and maintain economic operation within a reasonable range. In a situation where the international situation is becoming more complex and severe, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, under the correct leadership of Axis Research Technology, Sanmo's management team leads all employees to actively explore the market, increase scientific and technological innovation efforts, deepen quality control, and continuously deepen understanding of the connotation of enterprise management. In accordance with the work policy of "guided by development strategy, driven by scientific and technological innovation, and supported by operating system", After a year of concerted efforts, we have achieved good performance. Next, the report summarized the company's work in 2018 and analyzed the existing problems. It made important deployments and plans for the work in 2019, and arranged the work in 2019 from seven aspects. The plan was ambitious, with clear goals and tasks, indicating the direction for the company's future work



Subsequently, Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, delivered a report on the work of the Party Committee titled "Strengthening the Root and Soul, Grasping Party Building, Remembering the Mission and Promoting Development". Wang Weitao pointed out that in 2018, under the correct leadership of the higher-level party committee, the company's party committee united and led all party members, cadres and employees to comprehensively carry out strict governance of the party, comprehensively improve the quality of party building, and deepen the understanding of the significant significance of strengthening party building among party organizations at all levels. Party members and cadres have a clearer responsibility for party management and governance, and the atmosphere of emphasizing and strengthening party building at all levels in the company is even stronger. Subsequently, the report summarized the work of the Party Committee in managing the overall situation, guiding the direction, and ensuring implementation over the past year, as well as learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress. It also pointed out the problems and shortcomings in the company's Party building work, and arranged for the deployment of the main work of the Party Committee for the next year. Wang Weitao stated that in 2019, the company will comprehensively strengthen the leadership of the party, compact the responsibility of party building, deeply integrate into the central work, and effectively transform the political advantages of the party into the core competitiveness of the company, providing strong guarantees for achieving sustainable and healthy development of the company.


At the subsequent commendation meeting, the leading group members of the company successively read out the selection results of various awards of the State Machinery Group, Henan Province and Zhengzhou Municipal Government, the commendation decision of the company's outstanding party members and advanced party branches, advanced individuals and trade union activists in trade union work, outstanding employees and exemplary individual in 2018, and 2018's top professional and technical talents, business pacesetters, business backbones and other awards, and presented awards. Afterwards, a commendation order for the general manager and a special commendation order for the general manager were issued, praising Zhang Pan, Tian Canpeng, Wang Zhe, and Wang Liushuai, as well as Zhu Xiaowei and Du Xiaoxu, who achieved outstanding product returns. Special commendations were also given to the Condition Guarantee Department, Product Department 4, and Industry Information Room.