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The company launched a 2019 Spring Festival visit to comfort retired cadres

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On January 22nd, as the 2019 Spring Festival was approaching, Wang Weitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, and Shao Junyong, Chairman of the Trade Union and Assistant to the General Manager, came to the homes of retired cadres with the earnest instructions of the company leaders and the good wishes of all employees, respectively, to send them sincere greetings and New Year blessings.


During the visit and condolence, Wang Weitao and Shao Junyong had a knee to knee conversation with veteran comrades to gain a detailed understanding of their families, living and health conditions, as well as practical difficulties. They introduced the company's main developments and changes since the beginning of this year, and expressed gratitude for their contributions to Zhengzhou Sanmo in the past. It was precisely because of the selfless efforts of many retired cadres and workers that a solid foundation was laid for the development and growth of Sanmo. Subsequently, Wang Weitao and Shao Junyong instructed the accompanying company's comprehensive management department and labor union staff to pay attention to the living conditions of retired cadres at all times, and do their best to provide good service work, so that they can have a sense of security and support for their old age, and have a happy and happy old age.


 The veteran comrades expressed heartfelt gratitude to the company leaders for coming to visit and comfort them amidst their busy schedule. They highly praised the achievements of Sanmo Institute in 2018, expressed their continued support for the company's various work in the future, and wished the company greater development in the new year.