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The company held an evaluation meeting for the "entrepreneurship and innovation" project in the first half of 2018

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According to the spirit of the document "Implementation Plan for the" Double Innovation "Activity of Luoyang Axis Research Technology" issued by the Party Committee of Axis Research Technology and the implementation rules of our company's "Double Innovation" work, the evaluation meeting for the "Double Innovation" project in the first half of 2018 was held on the afternoon of May 11, 2018 in the report hall on the second floor. In addition to Wang Shuai, a member of the special evaluation team, four experts were specially invited to participate in the evaluation meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhao Bo, Deputy Leader of the company's "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Work Leading Group. From March to May, the company received 16 "entrepreneurship and innovation" projects submitted by frontline and management departments. According to the agenda of the evaluation meeting, 16 project applicants introduced the specific content and goals of the submitted projects and answered questions from the evaluation team; Finally, the evaluation team reviewed each of the 18 projects applied for, and after thorough discussion, the pre approved projects were determined by secret ballot. Among them, 12 projects were directly approved, including: 1. Improvement of customized production site management; 2. A high-precision in-situ detection method and device for grinding ratio of superhard grinding wheels; 3. Transformation of dust removal system for vertical axis grinding machine; 4. Improvement of the hydraulic system with plug-in valves; 5. Design of the screw clamp for the inner hole of the oil inlet and outlet flange of the pillar pin vane pump; 6. Improvement of installation components for ultra-high pressure gauges and sensors; 7. Wei Tianbao, a fixture for detecting the eccentricity of the thin grinding wheel substrate; 8. Fixture for chamfering base type thin disc grinding wheels; 9. Improvement of the lubrication oil circuit for the guide rail of the cylindrical grinder; 10. Fixture for internal grinding of resin integrated thin disc grinding wheels; 11. Solve the problem of diamond embedding on the surface of the grinding wheel substrate; 12. Exploration of the oxidation problem of abrasive layer in semi hot pressing sintering. In addition, due to their similar content, the three projects declared by the Eighth Branch were finally discussed and approved by their respective branch as one project, which is to improve the efficiency of cutting grinding wheels for stainless steel based ultra-thin and superhard materials. According to the implementation rules, the company will conduct acceptance checks on 13 projects by an evaluation team within six months from the date of application. For those who complete on time and achieve certain results, the company's labor union will reward them and report them to the Seiko for evaluation.