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[Implementation of the twenty major epidemic exhibition style] Sanmo Special Material A processing team "epidemic" to take on the story of stable supply and production

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The team is the combat unit of the enterprise strategy landing, the team is full of combat effectiveness, the enterprise can win the battle. The epidemic suddenly, Sanmo special material a processing team "epidemic" without looking back to the factory to ensure supply. During the stay in the factory, the fifth Party branch arranged the party building liaison staff to the grass-roots team in a timely manner, paid attention to the ideological dynamics of employees, understood the various needs of employees, and took effective measures in a timely manner, unified the thinking of team members, and stabilized the normal production capacity of the team.




The first processing team of the special material has 23 employees, 10 people with college education or above, and the average age is 25 years old. It is a team with ideas and motivation, mainly responsible for the disk surface production and base processing of high precision ceramic suction cups for semiconductor.




In the first time that the need to stay in the factory for "closed-loop" management, the team members have actively signed up, as of 7 p.m. on the 12th, the key positions have all been assembled. Team members overcome the problem of insufficient rest space and sleep in the production workshop at night; In order not to affect the production rhythm, we took the initiative to extend the working hours, completed all the planned production tasks on time, guaranteed the delivery of orders, and won the trust of customers!




In this special day, the party members of the branch and the grass-roots team face the difficulties together, eat and live together, overcome many problems brought by the plant, and stabilize everyone's spirit. Hardships, Yu Yu Cheng, the majority of Sanmo people's courage to work hard, willing to contribute to the spirit, created a number of key moments stand out, the critical moment clear out of the grass-roots team, silently contribute to the promotion of the company's sustained high-quality development!


Correspondent: Liu Jie