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[Implementing the 20th Congress, the style of the epidemic exhibition] The Party branches of Sanmo Institute carried out grass-roots activities to send warmth

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In order to promote the implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, the Party committee of Sanma to solve the "urgent difficulties and worries" of the staff during the closed-loop period as the starting point and landing point, called on the party branches to go deep into the grass-roots front line, understand the needs and expectations of the staff, have carried out grass-roots to send warmth activities, and sounded the "I do practical things for the masses".

With the recent chill, most of the current round of employees in the factory did not bring enough thick clothing, and their health is facing the challenge of cold. After learning of the situation, the party branches of the company acted quickly to issue warm clothes, cold food and other warm materials for employees in the factory, and achieved a good response among the vast number of workers.





In this activity, the branches purchased and distributed 401 sets of warm clothes and 266 bags of oatmeal. Among them, the third Party branch took the lead in purchasing and issuing 123 sets of thermal clothing for the resident employees of the branch; The fourth Party branch actively planned to purchase and distribute 133 sets of warm clothes and 266 bags of oatmeal for the resident employees of the branch; The fifth Party branch led by Du Xiaoxu, a member of the company's Party committee, rushed to the production line, issued 93 sets of warm clothes, and sent words of encouragement to employees; The seventh Party branch considered comprehensively and not only distributed thermal suits to the 49 employees who stayed in the factory to guarantee production, but also sent thermal suits to the three volunteers in the family home.





When the words "you have worked hard in the factory" and "really timely, thank the Party organization" converge, it is also the moment when the party organization and the masses narrow the distance, which not only makes the masses feel the warmth of the Party, but also makes the mass line work of the branch have a better carrier. In the face of the double test of the epidemic and the delivery of orders, Sanmo people will actively invest in the work of stable production with a positive mental outlook and a high morale, and contribute to the high-quality development of the company with practical actions!


Correspondent: Dou Xinfeng

Xie Min