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[Reprint] Amazing, three mill! Diamonds can be extracted from the gas

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Most couples who are about to get married will choose to give diamonds to each other to express their love. The advertising slogan "a diamond is forever" has long been well-known, but the "growth" of diamonds can be achieved by forming complex plasma through microwave action in special gases, which many people will feel very incredible and magical.

Is such an incredible, such a magical thing, Zhengzhou has a company to do it!

With questions, on February 18, the reporter followed the interviewing group to Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD. Superhard materials abrasives national key laboratory. In the laboratory's display table, several shining large carat diamonds attracted the media peers to stop and watch.

At the same time, everyone marveled at the scientific research achievements of Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute. Through the observation window, Liu Mingyao, director of the State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials Grinding, revealed to reporters: "CVD diamond synthesis method is that the carbon gas contained in the CVD equipment is excited to decompose under a specific temperature and pressure, forming plasma carbon atoms, and the matrix is deposited on the interactive growth into diamond."












河南日报农村版记者 杨青