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Diamond and Abrasives Engineering is added to the OSID program

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Diamond and Abrasives Engineering, a journal sponsored by SanMO, has officially joined the OSID (English full name Open Science Identity) open science program. The project, initiated by the Key Laboratory of Publishing Integrated Development (Wuhan) of the National Press and Publication Administration, is an open scientific public welfare program for the academic journal industry.

The OSID program provides a wealth of online extensions that enhance the reader's reading experience, facilitate in-depth communication between readers and authors, and facilitate the wide dissemination of articles.

On OSID, authors can add content that cannot be presented by traditional publishing and print publishing, such as voice and video, to present research results in a more three-dimensional and richer image. On the other hand, OSID also provides a platform for direct communication between readers and authors. Through interactive Q&A, academic circle and other functions, peer researchers can conveniently and quickly communicate on the paper itself and the surrounding hot issues.

Voice introduction

The author is able to add voice to the article, introducing the background of the research and the innovations of the paper. You can also introduce acknowledgements and research anecdotes to bring more details to life.

Rich material

Previously, due to the length of the article, some data and pictures could not be uploaded; Due to media limitations, GIFs and videos that reflect simulations or experiments are not available. In OSID, authors can upload them as attachments for readers to scan at any time.

Online interaction

The author can interact with readers through the bound mailbox and discuss the problems of the article. You can also post hot topics, personal insights and academic recommendations in your own academic circle.

Historical document

Other papers with the OSID identification code published by the author can be seen in the personal homepage for the convenience of statistics and evaluation.

For manuscripts that have not applied for OSID code, after confirmation of acceptance, the editorial department will apply on behalf of the author and complete the steps such as data upload.

With the development of technology, the journal media is also accelerating to embrace digitalization. Joining the OSID program is a new attempt for Diamond and Abrasives Engineering magazine. It can not only bring readers a new reading and discussion space, but also a faithful record and reproduction of the author's research work. The company magazine hopes to take this opportunity to build a better, more efficient and more convenient platform for academic exchange and progress.

            Editorial Department of Diamond and Abrasives Engineering

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