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[reprinted] Henan Industry observation | A synthetic diamond supports China's "hardest" industry Henan holds the lifeblood of global superhard materials

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Elephant News reporter Mi Fangjie


In the courtyard of Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Three Grinding Institute), located in the high-tech zone of Zhengzhou City, a "six-sided top press" painted with gold is placed on the heavy rock base, shining in the winter sun. Through the wall, several middle school students passing by are curiously reading the introduction of the press on the base.

More than 50 years ago, it was this press that the soft graphite was "tempered" at a high temperature of thousands of degrees, making the world's highest hardness diamond, as China's first artificial diamond, so that the "industrial teeth" made in China were sharp, opened the superhard material industry in Henan and even China, and also buried the seeds for the prosperity of Henan's diamond industry. Today, 90% of the world's superhard materials are in China, and 80% of the national superhard materials are in Henan, holding the lifeblood of the global superhard materials, how will Henan lead the development of the superhard materials industry?



Breaking through the "stuck neck" technology, Zhengzhou has become the birthplace of superhard materials in China

Every time from the standing in front of the press in front of the office building, the heart of Diao Yinyan, the minister of comprehensive management department of Zhengzhou Sanmill, will involuntarily rise up in admiration. This is because as a witness to the development of China's superhard materials industry, this "meritorious press" has already become the spiritual force that leads the tireless struggle of the three generations of people.

The superhard materials and products represented by artificial diamond are known as "the hardest and sharpest industrial teeth", whether it is machining, geological exploration, oil exploitation, metallurgy, or aerospace, national defense, military and photovoltaic and electronic information in the field of various difficult materials processing problems, in front of it are solved. At first, China's industrial diamond mainly relies on foreign imports, and is often "stuck" in precision manufacturing and national defense industry.


"Master the core technology, will not be stuck," according to Diao Yinyan introduction, established in 1958 Zhengzhou three grinding institute, is the only comprehensive research and development institution in China's abrasive abrasiades industry, self-established at the beginning, devoted to promote the technical progress and development of China's abrasive abrasiades, superhard materials and products industry. In the 1960s of the last century, the older generation of scientific and technological workers put many years of efforts to develop this press, broke the monopoly of foreign technology, synthesized China's first artificial diamond, and completely changed the development pattern of the world's artificial diamond industry, laying a solid equipment foundation for the industrialization of China's superhard materials.

The reporter learned that in the following 30 years, the press has synthesized diamond about 1.5 million times, China's synthetic diamond production has rapidly jumped to millions of carats, and Zhengzhou has also laid its own industrial accumulation and status in the field of superhard synthetic materials. After the production of China's first artificial diamond, Zhengzhou Sanmill has produced the first cubic boron nitride and a series of superhard material products to fill the gaps in the domestic, industry-specific production and testing equipment, and Zhengzhou has thus become the birthplace of China's superhard materials.



Henan superhard materials has become a characteristic longboard industry with global competitive advantages

This artificial diamond is like a seed, after "planting" in Zhengzhou, it began to spread across Henan, and Henan has also become the radiation source of China's superhard materials research and development center and technical personnel. In the view of Sun Zhaoda, secretary-general of the superhard Materials Branch of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, as a result, Henan and China's superhard materials industry has achieved from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong.

As the birthplace of China's superhard materials, Zhengzhou, under the guidance of Zhengzhou Sanmill, in recent years, and the rapid rise of Huajing, Zheng drilling, Sifang Da, Funnike and a number of superhard materials companies, many of them have become a new benchmark leading the development of China's superhard materials. Among them, Huajing became the first company in China to synthesize large single crystals above 3 mm in batch with six-sided top press; As a domestic mass production and sales of large diameter cutting polycrystalline diamond composite sheets, Sifang Da is the first listed company in the field of composite superhard materials in China.

In China's synthetic diamond research and development process to create a number of the first Zhengzhou Sanmill, but also become the superhard materials industry "Huangpu Military Academy", from the institute out of a group of technical personnel, also brought artificial diamond technology to Henan. Feng Jinzhang is one of them, in early 1980, as the engineer of Zhengzhou three mill Institute Feng Jinzhang returned to his hometown Shangqiu Zhecheng founded Shaoyuan diamond factory, although the diamond factory was short-lived, but for the future development of Zecheng County diamond industry, leaving a strong mark.


"In recent years, the diamond superhard material industry in Zhecheng County has formed a whole chain from single crystal synthesis, micro-powder processing, product production to diamond cultivation," according to the relevant staff of the government of Zhecheng County, the superhard material industry has become the largest leading industry in the county. It is reported that at present, Zhecheng County has a total of more than 100 enterprises, and one of the most interesting is not long ago detonated the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM "power diamond", and the company's chairman Shao Zengming's father Shao Dayong was Shaoyuan diamond factory employees.

"Compared with other industries, the superhard material industry is small, but it is a strong industry and plays an irreplaceable role in industrial development." Sun Zhaoda said that superhard materials and products are the characteristic longboard industry with global competitive advantage in our province.



Henan has 4 A-share listed enterprises and 8 provincial key listed reserve enterprises

The reporter learned that in addition to Zhengzhou and Shangqiu, Xuchang Changge and Nanyang Fangcheng in our province have also formed a superhard material industrial cluster, of which the Yellow River Cyclone Co., LTD., located in Changge, is the first listed private company in the province.

Among the 93 A-share listed companies in Henan, there are 4 superhard material companies, including Yellow River Cyclone, Power Diamond, Sifang Da, Zhengzhou Huajing and so on. In addition, Zhengzhou Sanmo belongs to the national machinery Seiko, and Zhongnan Diamond belongs to the Zhongbing Red Arrow and other companies are also A-share listed enterprises.

At the same time, the reporter learned from the local Financial Supervision Administration of Henan Province that there are 8 superhard material companies in Henan's 525 provincial key listed reserve enterprises.

It is reported that among the eight enterprises, there are three in Zhengzhou City, which are Henan Jingrui New Materials Co., LTD., Henan United Precision Materials Co., LTD., and Funnike Superhard Materials Co., LTD.; Shangqiu has 2, respectively Zhecheng Huifeng diamond technology Co., LTD., Henan Houde Diamond Technology Co., LTD.; There are 2 in Nanyang, namely Henan Zhongdrill New Materials Co., LTD., Henan Shenzhou Lingshan New Materials Co., LTD.; Jiaozuo has 1, Jiaozuo Tianbao Huanxiang Machinery Technology Co., LTD.

"Compared with manufacturing and other industries, although the superhard material industry is not large, superhard material companies are specialized and new 'little giant' enterprises," Wang Qinsheng, chief engineer of Henan Diamond and Products Engineering Technology Research Center and honorary president of the China Jewelry and Jade Association Diamond Branch, is not surprised that Henan Province related superhard material enterprises are favored by capital, which is expected in his view. "Superhard materials and their products are essential processing tools in modern high-end manufacturing, high-end manufacturing can not be talked about without superhard materials, so it is reasonable to be favored by capital."



Hold the lifeblood of global superhard materials 80% of the national superhard materials in Henan

In Wang Qinsheng's view, Henan is the country's earliest production of diamond province, with China's superhard materials industry's only comprehensive research institution Zhengzhou Sanmill Institute, and Henan University of Technology in the country's first to set up this professional, the industry's standardization organization, quality testing center are also in Henan.

"The superhard material industry is the most distinctive industry in Henan, and the research institutes, universities, export agencies, design institutes and leading enterprises associated with this industry are gathered in Henan, and therefore, Henan has formed the world's most complete industrial chain, and gradually occupied the world's absolute dominant position, the only national base in the field of superhard materials in Henan, The only superhard material industrial cluster in the country is also in Henan." Wang Qinsheng introduced that as the birthplace of China's superhard materials, more than 80% of the world's artificial diamonds are produced in Henan, and more than 70% of cubic boron nitride is produced in Henan, it can be said that Henan holds the lifeblood of the global superhard materials.


The reporter learned that Henan superhard material industry chain is the first regional characteristics of high-tech industry chain in China. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 200 superhard materials and products manufacturing enterprises in Henan, mostly distributed in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone superhard materials and products Industrial Park and Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

In addition, Xuchang Changge, Shangqiu Zhecheng and Nanyang Fangcheng in our province have also formed a superhard material industry cluster. Among them, Zecheng County of Shangqiu City is a microcosm of the superhard materials industry in Henan Province, where the output and export of diamond powder accounted for 70% and 50% of the national market share respectively, and the output of large particle single crystal accounted for 60% of the national market share, has become the diamond capital of China and the hometown of diamond powder; Nanyang Fangcheng County has also formed a leading enterprise cluster with Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. and Henan Shenzhou Lingshan New Materials Co., LTD., and the industrial chain of "superhard equipment machinery - diamond catalyst powder - artificial diamond - diamond micro-powder - diamond tool grinding tools" has initially formed.