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【 Reprint 】 Hone "diamond" clever solution "diamond"

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June 24, 2021, Henan Daily, page 03



On June 21, into the Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Three grinding Institute") exhibition hall, the company's independent research and development of "high, fine, sharp, specialized" superhard material products are dazzling: The "blade knife" that can accurately "cut" large-size silicon wafers, the "silicon wafer thinning wheel" that can grind out mirror finish, the ultra-thin cutting wheel that can be slotted on the hair, and the imported UV reducing membrane can be replaced.



Founded in 1958, Sanmill is the only comprehensive research and development institution in China's abrasives industry. In the 1960s, the company successfully developed China's first artificial diamond and the first cubic boron nitride. With these two breakthroughs as the source, Sanmo led China's superhard material industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong.


Superhard materials and products are known as the "sharpest teeth" in modern industry. Sanma has developed a series of products for electronic information, automotive, aerospace, national defense, household appliances, photovoltaic, LED, wind energy and other industries, breaking through a number of key technologies and achieving a number of high-level results.


From single to multiple, from simple diamond research and development to the whole chain development, from the quantity to the quality to the efficiency, the three mill has embarked on the road of conservation development, breaking the situation that China's high-grade precision superhard material products mainly rely on imports, and successfully developed the chip "cutting, grinding, polishing" processing the whole system of superhard material products. It is of great significance to the independent and controllable chip processing industry in China and to ensure the technical security of chip industry.


"Today, grinding tools are only one component in the superhard material industry chain of Sanmo. As the chairman unit of the industry association, Sanmill is accelerating the independent research and development based on the excellent optical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties of diamond, to achieve the leap from grinding tools to functional materials, and to open up more high-quality industrial 'tracks' for the future development of the whole industry." China Machine tool Industry Association superhard materials branch secretary Sun Zhaoda said.


In conversations with company executives and scientific researchers, the reporter deeply felt the rhythm of "changing lanes to lead" in Sanmill. Over the years, the company has actively built an excellent team of development and innovation, and now has more than 200 technical personnel of all kinds, more than 150 personnel with middle and senior titles, 28 professor-level senior engineers, 13 experts enjoying special government subsidies of The State Council, and 3 provincial technical innovation teams. National and provincial R&D platforms such as National Superhard Materials and Products Engineering Technology Research Center, "Superhard Materials Productivity Promotion Center", National Abrasives Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials Abrasives, Henan Functional Diamond Materials Innovation Center have been settled. "In the past five years, Sanmo research and development investment reached 140 million yuan, and science and technology investment reached 392 million yuan, accounting for 7.3% and 20.4% of operating income respectively, which effectively guaranteed scientific research and innovation and project research, and future research and development investment will further tilt to the functional diamond industry." Sanmill general manager Chen Enhou said.


Adhere to innovation-driven, seeking to change the way to lead. Zhengzhou Sanmill is quietly carrying out the "revolution" in the field of related diamond industry. In terms of industrial layout, Sanmill advanced planning, for the third generation of semiconductor materials the most representative silicon carbide material processing series of superhard material product preparation, industrial application and other technologies to tackle key technical problems such as product design, mass manufacturing, grinding application technology, to achieve "independent, controllable, safe and reliable" Chinese "core" technology and "core" tools. Localization of the whole industrial chain. At the same time, the company has also entered the functional field with higher requirements for diamond materials, and new directions such as "high-performance cooling materials" and "boron doped electrode materials" have also surfaced.



"Forged long board, Yang advantage, we will continue to develop superhard materials and related industries; Layout the future, establish long-term development plans, expand new industrial development space, become a leader in functional diamond core technology, and build a collaborative innovation ecosystem integrating scientific research, industry and capital." Chen Enhou is confident.




——Reprinted from Henan Daily (page 03, June 24, 2021)

"Zhengzhou Three Grinding Institute honed" diamond "clever solution" diamond ""