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[Combat epidemic protection Operation] Sanmo scientifically coordinated the fight against the epidemic and sharpened its responsibility for the protection operation

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A new round of COVID-19 has once again hit Zhengzhou after the National Day holiday. On October 12, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the government for epidemic prevention and control, the Sanmo plant began to implement "closed-loop management".

Sanmo is a leader in the superhard material industry in China, and its customers cover many pillar enterprises in the downstream industry. Whether the production and delivery of products can be stable directly affects the supply chain stability of many domestic enterprises and even industries. Moreover, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the company is struggling to complete the key stage of the annual target task, and the production and operation work time is tight and the task is heavy.




Overall planning, gather strength to attack and ensure production. On the morning of the 12th, the company's leadership urgently held a special meeting to study and judge the epidemic prevention and control situation, deploy stable work and production, launch emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control, and prepare for the "two-front campaign" of resolutely winning epidemic prevention and control and safe production.




Hear the order and move, quickly in place and stable production. The production departments of the company quickly implemented the decision of the meeting, quickly completed the confirmation of the staff who needed to stay in the factory for key production and operation positions, and organized the placement of nearly 400 employees in the factory for key positions in the afternoon.




We will take a number of measures at the same time to ensure that production is promoted. According to the company's emergency plan for COVID-19 prevention and control, the company's epidemic prevention and control office provided the company's employees with enough necessary materials such as masks, disinfectant and food supplies, and purchased more than 300 simple mattresses to solve the sleeping problem of the staff in the plant. And actively coordinated Wutong Park, organized "nucleic acid into the factory", to ensure that the company's epidemic defense line was firmly built.




"Lying flat" is not advisable, "lying down to win" is impossible. At present, the epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad is complicated, arduous and repetitive. Sanmo Institute has always resolutely implemented the important instructions of the Party Central Committee "The epidemic should be prevented, the economy should be stable, and the development should be safe", earnestly grasped the various work of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and further honed the courage of responsibility, the wisdom of scientific prevention and control, the planning of overall consideration, and the ability to organize and implement, adhere to the "dynamic zero elimination" unswervingly, and strive to win the epidemic prevention and control war at an early date. Fully complete the company's production and operation indicators, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development!

Correspondent: Dou Xinfeng