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【 Welcome to celebrate the 20th National Day 】 The three mill staff fun games came to a successful end

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Send cool autumn, golden cinnamon fragrance. In the whole party, the people of all ethnic groups in the country to welcome the 20th, to celebrate the 73-year-old birthday of the motherland, Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. held the "welcome the 20th, celebrate the National Day" staff fun games. The staff fun games adhering to the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", show the three mill people "welcome 20, celebrate the National Day", and work hard to create the future of the enterprise style.

On September 30, Sanmo local park and foreign park, at the same time sounded the lively refuting sound, cheers, shouts, and the three places held the staff fun sports meeting simultaneously. The staff and staff actively participated in the fun Games, the total number of participants more than 2000 people, part-time referee staff more than 30 people, the competition items are: tug of war, running, flag running. These competitions can not only show the personal strength of employees, but also reflect the spirit of staff solidarity and cooperation; It is not only a competition of strength and physical strength, but also a perfect competition of unity and cooperation.





On the field, the employees work hard, show their sharpness, compete courageously, and move forward; In the work, they are united and cooperative, hand in hand, help each other, and overcome difficulties together. From the beginning to the end of the sports meeting, each participant touched the heartstrings of the staff present, refueling, cheering, cheering, the scene of laughter one after another, the game in the perfect curtain call in cheers.





No matter which session of the staff fun Games, there is always such a group of people, when we are cheering for the wonderful game, they are constantly busy. Among them are Party members and the masses; They served as referees, record keepers, logistics personnel... They are busy and busy for the smooth running of the employees' fun sports meeting. Here, say thank you to them! It is with their hard work that we have the perfect presentation of the games.





This fun sports meeting has set up a stage for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship and hone their will. It improves the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, enhances the communication between departments, and enhances the cohesion of the company. At the sports meeting, employees experienced the joy of sports, the fun of competition, and the joy of participation, which not only showed their own psychological quality, physical quality and sports level, but also perfectly interpreted the organizational discipline and spiritual outlook of the enterprise.

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