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【 Welcome the twenty 】 Zhengzhou Sanmill won the first prize of QC publishing competition of central enterprises again

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Recently, the 5th Central enterprise QC group results publication competition was successfully held in the form of online publication, and the activity topic of Sanmill's "Excellence QC Group" "Improving the qualification rate of wafer thinning grinding wheel" achieved remarkable results and won the first prize. This is the Sanmo QC project after winning the first prize in the fourth Central Enterprise QC Group results Presentation Competition in 2021, once again won this honor!


"Excellence QC Team" was established in 2018, the team named excellence, first, the department's products are used in the high-end field, the need for product quality and the quality of the processed workpiece to achieve excellence; Second, we hope to continuously innovate, continuously improve and strive for excellence on the road of problem solving and quality improvement. Since its establishment, the team has carried out QC activities for 4 times, the size defect has improved by 88%, the cutting defect rate has decreased by 72%, the processing efficiency has increased by 40%, etc., and has achieved fruitful results.


As we all know, semiconductor chip manufacturing is a hot topic in the world today, among which the "wafer thinning" process is the core step in the chip manufacturing process, which is one of the key factors that determine the success or failure of chip processing. The grinding wheel for wafer thinning manufactured by Sanmo provides strong support for customers in improving chip integration and reducing power consumption, ensuring the control efficiency of customers in wafer thickness, and greatly enhancing the voice of domestic products in China's chip manufacturing industry. Based on the above, in 2021, the team will carry out activities on the improvement of the qualification rate of grinding wheels for wafer thinning, and find out the key factors affecting the product qualification rate through the status investigation, cause analysis and main causes confirmation. Through the implementation of improvement measures such as improving the performance of grinding tools, innovating the design of bonding tools, optimizing the matrix processing technology, the defective products were reduced by 64.3%, and the qualified rate of products was greatly increased.


The Central Enterprise QC Team results Presentation Competition is a national event sponsored by SASAC and China Quality Association, aiming to implement the Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council on carrying out quality Improvement actions, promote the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship, stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in quality improvement and innovation activities, and improve the quality awareness and quality management level of all staff. To guide and promote enterprises to establish and improve the QC activity mechanism, help cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, has been held for five consecutive sessions.

Correspondent: Xiao Teng