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Sanmill held a special training meeting to improve the writing ability of official documents and press releases

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On September 24, Sanmo invited teacher Lin Hancheng, an expert in document training, to carry out a special training meeting on the topic of "Improving the writing ability of documents and press releases". More than 30 people, including heads of functional departments and correspondents and relevant party branch staff, participated in the training.


In the morning, Ms. Lin vividly introduced the thinking logic rules and writing skills of official document writing from the perspectives of thinking test, planning layout, practice application and so on, using one case after another.


In the afternoon, Ms. Lin introduced the concept, types, structure and precautions of press releases, and systematically explained the general rules and skills of press release writing.


In class, Ms. Lin made the whole classroom atmosphere relaxed, lively and interesting with her friendly and natural tone, vivid and interesting words, quoting numerous cases and engaging reasoning, which won unanimous praise from the participants.


After class, everyone said that they will learn, understand and implement the training content well, so that they can apply what they have learned and promote learning with it, and strive to improve their comprehensive ability to think about work, plan work and promote work, and actively transform the learning results of this training into a strong support and strong motivation to promote the development of the company's various work!

Correspondent: Dou Xinfeng