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National Machinery Seiko awarded three mill two team group "quality trustworthy team group" flow red flag

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On September 16, National Machinery Seiko held the "National Machinery Seiko 2021 excellent Quality trustworthy Class Group flag Awarding Ceremony" in the lecture hall on the second floor of the company. More than 40 representatives, including general manager Assistant Hong Ling, senior director of Strategic Operation Department Li Hongtao, deputy general manager Cao Jianfeng, quality management Department and all first-line production departments, attended the flag ceremony.


At the scene of the flag ceremony, Mr. Hong issued the red flag and certificate to the seven parts finishing team and the two parts grinding machine team of Sanmill. Zhang Yuxuan, the leader of the seventh finishing class, and Yi Shuai, the leader of the second grinding machine class, respectively, spoke as a representative of the class group, shared the construction process and achievements of the quality trustworthy class group with the present personnel, and said that they must cherish the honor they have achieved, and make continuous efforts in the future, continue to carry out the construction of the class group, improve the management level of the class group, and contribute to the high-quality development of the three grinding Institute.


After the awarding of the flag, Mr. Hong once again affirmed the construction achievements of the quality trustworthy team of Sanmo, and hoped that everyone would take the construction work of the quality trustworthy team as an opportunity and a starting point, and fully promote the construction of the "three primary colors" team, further improve the construction level of the team and the quality of employees, drive the enterprise to further improve the quality management level, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company!


Since the start of the construction of quality trustworthy teams in 2020, Sanmo has promoted eight first-line teams to complete the construction of quality trustworthy teams. During the construction process, the quality management department of the company, quality engineers of all first-line departments and team members carried out a comprehensive analysis of each team based on the "Quality Trustworthy Team Standard" based on the status quo of the team, and formulated construction plans and objectives from the aspects of basic management, field management, personnel ability improvement, quality improvement and team performance based on the identified gaps. Through the implementation of various construction tasks, the team management level has been comprehensively improved, and the construction results are remarkable. In 2022, Sanmo plans to complete the construction task of 7 more quality trustworthy teams, and strive to create more "three primary color teams" with Sanmo characteristics!