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To the goddess

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Bing Xin once said: If there were no women in the world, the world would lose at least five tenths of the truth, six tenths of the goodness, and seven tenths of the beauty.

Fortunately, in Sanmill, whether it is the management team, the technical research team, or the production team, there is this truth, goodness and beauty.

In order to thank all female workers for their efforts, the 38 Women's Day company trade union organized Goddess lucky draw activities on the afternoon of March 7, with prizes including facial cleansers, hair dryers, chocolates, flowers, etc., and festival gifts were distributed at the event site.





Rousseau said: The world is a woman's book. If a woman of thirty is like prose, a woman of forty is a philosophical essay full of charm; A woman of fifty is like a thick novel, every plot is captivating; Women in their sixties and even in their twilight years are real reportage, flowing with the beautiful vicissitudes of the years.

You are working hard to accumulate the materials of reportage with your actions, and the harvest is exactly the essence of your precipitation reportage. May you have good luck, work hard all your life and be loved all your life. Full of gratitude for everything, like the good, but also like confidence, self-esteem, tolerance, strong, independent good, fearless time of their own.




Life and work are not easy, but the way you move on after your tears is always shining. Years turn into songs, time passes like a flower. May you be more beautiful than flowers, may you be brilliant, may you be fragrant, and may your dreams come true.




Today, I wish all the goddesses in the world: youth at ease, smile like a flower. I wish the goddess of Sanma bold and elegant, not afraid of the future, not reading the past, live into the most beautiful scenery of the four seasons, and become the most beautiful color of Sanma.




There are thousands of women in the world, and everyone is willing to live out their most beautiful attitude, treat the time, and treat themselves! Trade union hand in hand, with you, I wish the goddess a happy holiday!