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Grasp unremittingly steady progress - three grinding completed the first quarter of the set goal tasks

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Downward economic pressure increased in the first quarter of 2022, and the epidemic prevention and control situation across the country was extremely severe. In the face of adverse external environment, Sanmo from the beginning of the year to grasp unremitting, steady progress, to the company's 14th Five-Year plan as the guidance, constantly optimize the "research, production and marketing" coordination, strengthen marketing planning, strengthen market analysis and judgment, stabilize the stock, promote the increase, smooth business implementation mechanism, and finally under the strong leadership of the superior unit, in the company's united efforts. In the first quarter, production increased by 11% and sales increased by 24%, completing the established schedule target tasks and achieving a good start.


Strengthen marketing planning to stimulate business development potential


In order to achieve the high-quality development of the company, Sanmo further strengthens the marketing planning, continuously strengthens the role of the team sales model, and carries out the work by the system regulations through various indicators of correlation and interlock, fully taps the market potential of personnel, and strongly mobilizes the enthusiasm of the majority of business personnel. The business staff of the company with more full enthusiasm and fighting spirit into the development of the market, forming a good atmosphere that you catch up with me and catch up with me.



Closely grasp the business expansion and timely adjust the market strategy

In view of the situation of orders less than expected in the first two months, the company held a timely business analysis meeting in March, carefully analyzed and judged the existing problems, and timely adjusted the market strategy according to the development of the application industry in each sector. After the meeting, the marketing center took the lead to carefully sort out the business situation, and the sales department increased the communication and coordination with customers, increased the frequency of customer visits, further obtained customer orders, and the overall sales orders increased steadily.



Strengthen process control to stabilize stock and promote increment


In the process of customer development, we constantly strengthen process management, strengthen customer maintenance and development process management through CRM system for key stock customers as the basic business development of the company, conduct hospitality analysis and judgment, conduct special market analysis for semiconductor industry equipment customers, LED industry key customers, overseas customers, etc., and deploy customer development measures in the next stage. To ensure that the overall business of key stock customers is not reduced, which has become an important support for the company to achieve its goals. Organize production departments and business personnel for several rounds of analysis and demonstration, constantly optimize and refine development plans, strengthen development process management with CRM system as the starting point, ensure the conversion rate of successful development of project-based key customers, and provide an important guarantee for the company's incremental business.




We will strengthen the implementation mechanism for coordinated and unimpeded internal operations


Fast and efficient internal coordination mechanism is an important support for business development. In the face of adverse external environment, Sanmo once again sorted out and optimized the internal mechanism of business, making the processes of product ordering, production, warehousing, quality inspection, delivery and other processes more efficient, and making various working mechanisms related to customer maintenance and development and business expansion more smooth. The production department continuously optimizes product performance to better meet customer needs, provides customers with higher added value, and the two sides cooperate more closely; Functional departments further do a good job in management traction services, and provide various work support for business development.

Hard work rejuvenates the state and enterprises. Sanmo people will continue to 踔厉 work hard and do not idle, to ensure the smooth achievement of all business objectives throughout the year, to meet the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises to meet the victory of the Party's 20th Congress.

Correspondent: Zhang Hongyi