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Start a new chapter of hard work start a new journey - Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute won the provincial science and Technology Innovation Center bonus of 500,000 yuan

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On February 19, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone held a high-quality development conference and awarded the first batch of outstanding enterprises in 2021. With solid "real gold and silver", help enterprises to full work and full production, firm confidence in development and growth, and promote the healthy development of enterprises, bigger and stronger. Sanmo won the "Science and Technology Innovation Policy Award" and won the provincial Science and Technology Innovation Center bonus of 500,000 yuan. Shao Junyong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the company, accepted the award as the representative of the winning unit.


The establishment of the superhard materials and products technology innovation center in Henan Province is of great significance for improving the innovation chain of the superhard materials industry, leading the technological progress of the industry, and driving industrial development. Innovation Center adhering to the "national mission, industry needs", to superhard materials and products industry key technology research and development as the core mission, industry-university-research to promote the industry's scientific and technological achievements transfer, transformation and industrialization, around the major national needs and cutting-edge technology development needs, aiming at the application of superhard materials and products basic research, key commonality and forward-looking technology and other key links. Integrate superior resources to carry out independent research and development and the transfer and transformation of results, break through the technical bottlenecks restricting industrial development, promote the industry's high-end product technology to catch up and leap-forward, form a sustainable supply capacity for technological innovation, provide source technology supply for the development of China's high-end superhard materials and products industry, and provide innovative services for the incubation, cultivation and development of industrial science and technology smes. Enhance industrial innovation ability and core competitiveness, support China's superhard materials and products industry to move towards high-end, leading high-quality development.

Correspondent: Diao Yinyan