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【 Reprint 】【 Innovation and technology reveal 】 Zhengzhou "three grinding" can make the "diamond" "long" out

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On February 18, in the national key laboratory of Zhengzhou Abrasive Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Three Grinding Institute"), the "diamond" is constantly "growing" under the mixed gas of methane and hydrogen...

Founded in 1958, Sanmill is the only comprehensive research and development institution in China's abrasives industry. In the 1960s, the company successfully developed China's first artificial diamond and the first cubic boron nitride. With these two breakthroughs as the source, Sanmo won the title of leader in China's superhard materials industry.

Superhard materials and products are known as the "sharpest teeth" in modern industry. Sanma has developed a series of products for electronic information, automotive, aerospace, national defense, household appliances, photovoltaic, LED, wind energy and other industries, breaking through a number of key technologies and achieving a number of high-level results.

From simple diamond research and development to the development of the whole chain, the three grinding has broken the situation that China's high-grade precision superhard material products mainly rely on imports, and successfully developed the chip "cutting, grinding, polishing" processing of the whole system of superhard material products, which is of great significance to the independent and independent control of China's chip processing industry and ensure the technical security of the chip industry.

The State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials Abrasives, which grows "diamonds" in gas, has made a series of achievements in the construction of scientific research and development conditions, the construction of scientific research teams, the opening up of cooperation and exchange, the operation and management mechanism of the laboratory, the research content and the expected results since its establishment was approved in September 2015. It has fully completed the construction objectives, key tasks and assessment indicators stipulated in the construction and operation implementation plan, and is a scientific and technological innovation base for carrying out high-level basic research and common technology development of superhard materials abrasives, and has become an important window for academic exchange of superhard materials abrasives in China and a characteristic research and development institution in the field of international superhard materials abrasives.

"In the past five years, Sanmo research and development investment reached 140 million yuan, and science and technology investment reached 392 million yuan, accounting for 7.3% and 20.4% of operating income respectively, which effectively guaranteed scientific research and innovation and project research, and future research and development investment will further tilt to the functional diamond industry." Sanmill general manager Chen Enhou said.

Henan Daily client reporter Li Linshizhe