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Sanmill was awarded the national safety management standardization team for the first time

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Recently, the China Work Safety Association Team Committee announced the 2021 national safety management standardization team list. Eight grass-roots teams of National Machinery Group were awarded the "National Safety Management Standardization Team in 2021". The three parts of the metal sintering team is one of them, which is also the first national safety management standardization team of the three mills.

Sanmo to consolidate the foundation of safety production as the goal, to build an essential safety team as the starting point, to "top-level leadership, step by step implementation, based on the status quo, internal and external exchanges, pilot first, to create a model" as the path, carefully study safety management standardization demonstration team evaluation standards, a comprehensive analysis of the contrast gap, By improving the team safety management system, implementing the team safety responsibility, improving the team position operating standards, strengthening the team safety site management, deepening the team safety culture construction, and comprehensively improving the team safety management level.


Three parts of the product metal sintering team is the three mill safety standardization team in the process of creation of a vanguard. Team relying on the "5831" standardized management model, put forward the "three safety" team creation concept of "workshop safety, staff peace of mind, production stability". Team around the "building system, management standardization; Clear responsibilities, full responsibility; Establish standards, operation visualization ", through the introduction of "double prevention", mobile phone scan for risk investigation, online hidden danger closed-loop management, intelligent equipment transformation, monthly "safety red flag", annual "safety star" evaluation, "one question a day, one test a quarter" and other forms of safety activities, strive to achieve "all staff are safe staff", This also laid a solid foundation for the company's safety management standardization team construction work.


In the next step, the company will comprehensively summarize the previous experience in the creation of safety management standardization team, on the basis of further improving the incentive policy, implementing the five-star team dynamic evaluation mechanism, setting up a typical demonstration, and vigorously promoting the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the establishment of safety management standardization team, and gradually realizing the standardization and standardization of grass-roots safety management.