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[Anti-epidemic operation] Wutong Park organized medical personnel to carry out on-site nucleic acid testing services in Sanmo

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At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Zhengzhou is grim. In order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic, ensure the health and safety of employees, effectively prevent and control the epidemic, and serve the industrial development of the high-tech Zone, Wutong Park has coordinated medical resources according to the actual needs of Sanmo Institute, actively mobilized the central Hospital, Western Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other medical service members, and arranged medical staff to go into the factory of Sanmo Institute. Many times to carry out nucleic acid testing sample collection work, to help enterprise personnel safety, peace of mind nucleic acid testing, do not delay production and operation.


Under the unified arrangement of Wutong Park, Party members of Sanmo Institute volunteers arrived at the company's test site to carry out disinfection, temperature measurement, registration of relevant information of scanning employees, and organize employees to arrive at the test site in different stages and batches, etc. Medical personnel also standardized wearing protective equipment in accordance with the process, and orderly sampling of oral and pharyngeal swabs for Sanmo Institute employees participating in the test.

All the subjects wore masks, stood in line at a distance of one meter, and successively entered the sampling area to receive nucleic acid throat swab sampling. The whole process was orderly. With the tacit cooperation of medical staff and all employees, in less than two hours, more than 800 employees required for nucleic acid testing in Sanmill successfully completed sampling.

This move has been praised by the on-site staff, medical staff to carry out nucleic acid testing sampling, not only to provide convenience for employees, but also effectively avoid the intensive gathering of personnel, reduce the risk of cross infection, while scientific guidance and help also make employees more comfortable into production, and try to achieve epidemic prevention and control and production.

Correspondent: Diao Yinyan