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Zhengzhou Sanmill successfully held the "2021 QC Group Activity Results Presentation Competition"

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In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees to participate in quality improvement, create a good atmosphere of "learning to catch up", and promote the continuous in-depth development of the company's QC group activities, Sanmill held the "2021 QC Group activity Results Publication Competition" on December 21.

Before the competition, Comrade Cao Jianfeng, deputy general manager of the company, made a speech, affirming the achievements of the company's QC group activities in 2021, putting forward expectations for the future QC group activities, and hoping that the groups can learn from each other through the publishing competition, explore more effective ways and methods to improve quality, and achieve common progress.


In 2021, the company carried out a total of more than 40 QC group activities, and through the on-site review organized by the company's quality management department, a total of 20 topics were selected to participate in the final publication. The presentation competition lasted from 8:50 am to 17:00 PM. The 11 judges evaluated and scored each subject comprehensively from the aspects of status investigation, goal setting, cause analysis, main cause confirmation, countermeasure implementation, effect inspection and result solidification in strict accordance with the evaluation criteria of the presentation competition. And for different topics from the application of quality tools, results promotion, professional technology, project benefits and other aspects of the QC team conducted in-depth communication. After a day of fierce competition, a total of 1 first prize project, 3 second prize projects, 6 third prize projects, a number of outstanding award projects.


In recent years, Sanmo has vigorously carried out quality improvement work, and has long promoted QC group activities as an important measure for all employees to participate in quality improvement actions. The number of QC group activities and the number of participants have increased year by year, and each QC group has continuously improved product quality and production efficiency according to the PDCA cycle, forming a number of outstanding results. It has made positive contributions to the high-quality development of enterprises.

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