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National Machinery Seiko held a flag ceremony of "Quality trustworthy Team" at the production site of Sanmill

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On September 22, Yan Ning, deputy general manager of Guoji Precision, and Wang Zijun, Minister of Science and Technology Quality Department, led the team to the production site of the company's high pressure equipment department and held the flag ceremony of the "2020 Quality trustworthy Team". Chen Enhou, general manager of Sanmo, Cao Jianfeng, 26 representatives of the high pressure equipment Department and quality Management Department attended the flag ceremony.


At the scene of the flag ceremony, Yan read out the Notice on the announcement of the National Machinery Seiko 2020 quality trustworthy team, and awarded the mobile red flag to the high pressure equipment Department fine car team. High pressure equipment department fine car team leader Gao Yanfeng delivered an award speech, promising to further improve the construction of the team in the future, gathering strength, climbing the peak, and striving for the high-quality development of the company. Chen Enhou, general manager of Sanmill, made a statement on behalf of the company, saying that Sanmill will consistently strengthen and improve the construction of quality trustworthy team, play a leading role in benchmarking, comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength and quality of the team, and help the company's high-quality development.


The quality trustworthy team refers to the team that takes the organizational administrative team as the basic unit, revolves around the quality policy and goal of the organization, uses the theory and method of quality management, adopts effective control means, stably improves the quality of products, management and service, and obtains the trust and satisfaction of customers. The company began to promote the construction of quality trustworthy team in 2020, aiming to guide each production unit to achieve standardized management, standardized operation, team construction, professional development, improve the professional quality of employees, and continue to improve product quality.

In 2020, under the guidance of the company's quality management Department, the company's high-voltage equipment department's fine car team has carried out the construction of quality trustworthy team from the aspects of basic team management, personnel ability improvement, quality improvement, etc., and fully achieved the construction goal, achieved a breakthrough in quality performance, and achieved the trust of users, departments, and companies. By the national machinery Seiko headquarters evaluation, won the "2020 quality trustworthy team" honorary title.

Correspondent: Xiao Teng