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The company union held a short training class in table tennis

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At 5 PM on April 15, Zhengzhou Sanmo Table Tennis Hall on the fifth floor was brightly lit and crowded. The basic short training class of table tennis organized by the company's trade union was officially opened.

In order to popularize the basic knowledge of table tennis, improve the level of table tennis of employees, enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, and practice the national fitness movement, the company's trade union specially hired the former provincial team's main player, coach Jiang Hongzhi, to hold short-term training activities in table tennis. The main training content is the basic knowledge rules of table tennis, basic movements, basic principles of serve and receive serve, and the practical application of competition techniques and tactics.

On the court, the silver ball pierced the edge, the ping-pong sounded, everyone around the table, carefully listening to the coach's explanation, carefully watching the coach's actions. Many table tennis enthusiasts practice with the coach in order or by the coach for multi-ball training, from time to time coach Jiang will put down the racket, walk to the side of the players, hand by hand to correct the movement, explain the essentials. The whole training participants were enthusiastic, the atmosphere was good, and the expected results were achieved.


Gao Yahui, Wang Qiaojuan, Chairman Zhu Li of the Group Table Tennis Association and Chairman Bao Hua of the company Table Tennis Association attended the opening ceremony of the short training class. In his speech, Liu Ming, vice chairman of the company's trade union, put forward expectations and requirements for the table tennis enthusiasts who participated in the training, and thanked Coach Jiang for his efforts.


This short table tennis training class has a total of 5 classes, each class is 90 minutes, and it is expected to complete the course in early May. More than 20 table tennis enthusiasts from various departments of the company and brother units of the group participated in the first training activity.


Correspondent: CAI Jianwei