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Business performance continued to improve Sanmill business performance from January to May reached a new high

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From January to May, in the macro-economy to maintain a good momentum of development under the environment, Sanmo to seize market opportunities, adhere to high-quality development to lead the direction of the enterprise, internal adjustment of the structure, external expansion of the market, production and sales have achieved substantial growth, operating performance over the same period reached a new high.

In order to ensure that the 14th and 5th start a good game and promote the effective landing of the company's strategic goals, in the first quarter of the company's production and sales reached a record high, the company continued to maintain the business idea of "preserving stock and promoting increment" in the second quarter, promoting internal product structure adjustment, insisting on good products and doing well products; External rational analysis of the current market demand, further market segmentation, continue to dig market opportunities, continue to expand business achievements, promote production and sales continue to rise, for the enterprise strategic planning landing and high-quality development escort.


Grasping the opportunity to develop the product structure adjustment has achieved initial results

The efficient collaboration of the company's five main business segments forms a sustainable development force, and jointly promotes the substantial growth of the company's overall business volume. Superhard material products and precision special materials business segment, in the context of the rising tide of localization in the electronics industry, the company's core products involved in the electronics industry to maintain a substantial growth, the products involved in the automotive and mold industry benefit from the macroeconomic situation and positive market development, production and sales growth; The industry equipment business segment includes superhard material synthetic equipment and industry-specific intelligent equipment. Under the background of the rapid development of the superhard material industry, the production and sales volume of all kinds of equipment have achieved rapid growth; The superhard materials business segment continuously optimized internal management and expanded production capacity, and the business volume steadily increased; The service business sector of the industry has continuously improved its service level and service capability, and its performance has increased steadily. The benign development of the company's main business segments has also effectively promoted the adjustment of product structure, and the adjustment of product structure has achieved initial results.


Strengthen management traction to create win-win cooperation

In order to implement the business idea of "preserving stock and promoting increment", the company focuses on customer maintenance and customer development. Sanmo adhere to the project system of key customer development as the main starting point of incremental business development, to key stock customer management as the main direction of stock business growth. Through the combination of policy traction and management promotion, focus on developing customers to obtain important breakthroughs, and rapid growth of orders; Key stock customers through in-depth mining and strengthening services to achieve stability and increase, driving the company's business sustained growth. Internal focus on strengthening supply chain management, gradually improve and optimize the supply chain system, to ensure that the quality and quantity of products can be delivered to customers, and achieve win-win cooperation with partners.


Marketing to do solid business development opportunities

On the basis of the first quarter of the exhibition, the company participated in the Beijing International Machine Tool Exhibition in April, a full display of the company's core products in the automotive and mold industry, showing a good corporate image, for the "Zhengzhou three grinding" related products in the automotive manufacturing and tool processing industry chain to further expand the market share to lay a good foundation.

In May, it participated in the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, and exhibited the key products of stone processing tool equipment, which consolidated the company's business in the industry equipment sector in the southeast region, further strengthened the contact and exchange with other customers, and created better conditions for the follow-up business development.





On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Party, the Sanmo people will only seize the moment and live up to their time with a sense of urgency, do not have to have my sense of responsibility in my success, do not forget to build the original heart, keep in mind the Sanmo mission, work hard and forge ahead with outstanding achievements to meet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.



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