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Sanmo innovation project won the first prize of Zhengzhou New era enterprise staff "Five small" achievements

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Recently, at the launching ceremony of the "51" International Labor Day Conference and the centennial celebration of millions of employees in Zhengzhou City, the innovative project "Ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel appearance commercialization control technology for semiconductor chip precision processing" submitted by Sanmill stood out from 617 projects and won the first prize of the "five small" achievements of enterprise employees in the new era. And in Zhengzhou new era workers "five small" achievement exhibition.


Semiconductor chips are the "heart" of the electronics industry and are known as the "crown pearl" of high-end manufacturing. Ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel is a key tool for monomer semiconductor chip. Due to the extremely high chip cutting requirements, China's ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel is almost entirely dependent on imports, which has become one of the "stuck neck" problems manufactured by "China core". The project "Ultra-thin diamond wheel appearance commercialization Control Technology for semiconductor chip precision Processing" has solved the quality problems that have limited the promotion of blades for many years, accelerated the process of blade localization, and helped the manufacturing of "China core".



Correspondent: Sanmill Union