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Show the image of Sanmill Explore the opportunity to create "core" - Sanmill participated in the semiconductor industry event - SEMICON China 2021

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On March 17, SEMICON China 2021 kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), with a series of key products for semiconductor industry cutting and grinding to participate in this industry event.

SEMICON China is the world's largest semiconductor industry cooperation platform, aiming to help the sustainable and healthy development of China's semiconductor and related industries. SEMICON China is an important gathering in the global semiconductor industry and an important platform for cooperation and exchange among relevant enterprises, universities and other organizations involved in the semiconductor industry chain. In recent years, there are more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 50,000 professional visitors from all over the world.

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图1)

Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., LTD. (referred to as "Three grinding Institute"), founded in 1958, is the only comprehensive research and development institution in China's abrasives industry, and the national abrasives and superhard materials industry technology research, development, information and consulting service center. In recent years, the company combined with its own reality, adhere to the key needs of the national industry as the guidance, continue to make efforts in important areas related to the national economy and people's livelihood, developed a series of semiconductor industry with cutting, grinding, polishing and other products, with high precision, high processing efficiency, processing workpiece surface quality and other advantages, some products beyond the performance of similar foreign products.

The focus of the exhibition is the superhard material products and precision special material plate related products, mainly the wafer thinning grinding wheel, wafer cutting knife, cutting wheel for various packaging forms of chips, ceramic sucker, UV film, etc., used in the semiconductor industry chain of wafer manufacturing, packaging production of grinding, beveling, cutting, polishing and other key processes. At present, this series of products has been maturely applied in well-known semiconductor enterprises at home and abroad, and has become a mainstream product to replace foreign imports in China, contributing to the localization of key auxiliary materials such as cutting, grinding and polishing in the semiconductor industry.

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图2)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图3)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图4)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图5)

Sanmosuo booth is N2 Hall 2409, located in the main corridor of the exhibition hall, in accordance with the brand integration requirements of national machinery Group design, the use of open style, blue and white main color, and with blue lighting and wooden floor, the overall open, atmospheric and modern. During the exhibition, Sanmill booth staff flowed continuously, attracting a large number of new customers to understand the products, and old customers in the industry to discuss and exchange with the company's business personnel at the booth, and communicate in detail about the use of products and the next step of cooperation.

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图6)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图7)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图8)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图9)

展现三磨形象 探索创“芯”机遇  三磨所参加半导体行业盛会—SEMICON China 2021(图10)

Under the condition that the novel coronavirus epidemic is under control, SEMICON China in 2021 can finally be held as normal and on schedule, giving everyone a platform for negotiation, cooperation and demonstration. Sanmo attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchanges with partners, carefully organizes the exhibition, and achieves the established goals. In the future, Sanmo will continue to increase investment in cutting and polishing products in the semiconductor industry, continue to innovate and develop, and contribute the responsibility and strength of state-owned enterprises to the localization development of auxiliary materials in the semiconductor industry.



Correspondent: Zhang Hongyi