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Chen Feng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Axial Research Technology, went to Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute for research

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Recently, Chen Feng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Axial Research Technology, visited Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute to carry out research work and speak party lessons for grassroots party branches. Sanmill Party Committee deputy secretary, general manager Chen Enhou, deputy Party Secretary Wang Weitao, Party committee member Shao Junyong accompanied the research, Sanmill semiconductor, photoelectric industry related personnel and all Party members of the third party branch participated in the research.

Chen Feng first listened to the production and operation of superhard material products in the semiconductor and photoelectric industries of Sanmo, and had in-depth exchanges with relevant R & D, production and sales personnel. He pointed out that the development of Sanmill in the field in recent years is generally good, but we are developing, customers are also improving, to continue to maintain high-quality development, we must always be based on the industry, multidimensional, all-round customer service, improve product quality, expand market development, so that the advantage of "long board" longer. First, to maintain incremental business, we develop new customers, increase market share at the same time, continue to do a good job of stock business, old customers to continue to deepen, in the process with customers to grow together. The second is to create a professional marketing team, not only to have product expertise, but also to have marketing skills, but also to have a higher comprehensive quality, through high-quality products and efficient service, to meet the needs of customers.

In the subsequent investigation, Chen Feng and all Party members of the third Party branch of the Sanmo Institute held a discussion on grassroots party building work. Chen Feng fully affirmed the role of the Third Party branch as a fighting fortress in the operation and development of Sanmo, and praised the majority of Party members for meeting difficulties and overcoming difficulties in the special period affected by the epidemic, and fully demonstrating the responsibility of Communist Party members.

Chen Feng put forward six suggestions for Sanmo to continue to do the party building work of enterprises in the new era: First, strengthen political construction to ensure the correct direction of enterprise development; Second, strengthen ideological construction and persist in arming the mind with scientific theories; Third, strengthen the "three basic construction", improve the quality of grassroots party building; Fourth, strengthen the party's management of cadres and build a team of high-quality cadres; Fifth, we need to strengthen our sense of responsibility and deepen our efforts to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party. Sixth, strengthen functional positioning and give full play to the role of group organizations. It is hoped that Sanmo will continue to focus on the main responsibility and main business, further promote the special action of "consolidating and Deepening the Year of Party Building", strive to promote the convergence and integration of party building and the company's business development, and provide a strong driving force for the sustained, stable and high-quality development of the enterprise with high-quality party building. Finally, Chen Feng gave a vivid party lesson for grassroots party members with the title of "Learning and implementing the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee to Promote the modernization of the science and technology governance system and governance capacity of Axial Research".



Correspondent: Shangjiali