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Zhengzhou Sanmill "China's first artificial diamond six-sided top press" was selected into the list of industrial cultural heritage of central enterprises

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Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council held a central enterprise industrial cultural heritage (machinery manufacturing industry) list release ceremony in Beijing, Zhengzhou Sanmill "China's first artificial diamond six-side top press" successfully shortlisted. This "DS-023 model" hinged six-sided top press with China's complete independent intellectual property rights was born in November 1965. In the following 30 years, the press has synthesized synthetic diamonds about 1.5 million times, and is a veritable "meritorious press". Its birth embodies the hard work of the Chinese machinery manufacturing industry, the noble pursuit and mission of the industry to serve the country, and is deeply engraved with the glorious imprint of history; Its birth has completely changed the development pattern of the world's artificial diamond industry, laid a solid equipment foundation for the industrialization of China's superhard materials, and provided important support for China's basic industry to the forefront of the world.


In 1997, the press was preserved in Zhengzhou Sanmill as a witness of the development of China's superhard material industry, and it is the spiritual force that leads the unremitting struggle of the Sanmill people in the past dynasties. Industrial cultural heritage is the witness of industrial civilization, but also the golden card of enterprises. To protect and make good use of industrial cultural heritage is to protect the past glory of the nation and the country, today's resources and the hope of the future. In the future, Sanmo will further do a good job in the protection and utilization of industrial cultural heritage, inherit the valuable experience and spiritual wealth created by predecessors, and continue to write a new chapter of long-term development with a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission.



Correspondent: Shangjiali