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No struggle, no youth - "One hundred days of great work" special activities

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On September 24, with the strong support of the company's Party committee, the fifth Party branch of the company carried out "no struggle, no youth" - "One hundred days" special activities, Shao Junyong, member of the company's Party committee and assistant to the general manager, attended the event, and represented the company's Party Committee for the youth vanguard flag, in order to inspire the majority of party members and workers, firm faith in the work practice, and brave achievements in the effort.

At the event site, Shao Junyong affirmed the achievements of each division of the branch in the past 8 months, he pointed out that each department of the branch relies on its own scientific research and production advantages, and has achieved a number of key technology improvements in the semiconductor industry, which has effectively promoted the development of the department; At the same time, I hope that the majority of party members, in the fourth quarter, continue to play the vanguard role of party members, influence and drive the majority of employees, work hard, fight bravely, and make greater contributions to the sustainable and stable development of the company.




Zhengzhou Sanmo fifth Party branch