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Sanmill organized to participate in the "Third QC Presentation Competition of Shaft Research Technology" and won many awards

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In order to actively respond to the call of the Headquarters of Axial Research Technology to carry out the "Third QC Publishing Contest of Axial Research Technology", to achieve the purpose of in-depth exchange and sharing of enterprise excellent activities and best practices, and constantly improve the overall level of enterprise QC group activities, Sanmill organized 5 excellent QC group activities to participate in the event on September 17.

According to statistics, there are a total of 16 QC group activities in this competition, which are from Sanmill, Shaft Research Institute, White Pigeon Company and Industrial Research Institute. Among them, the five subjects of the three grinding Institute are respectively "Reducing the eccentrics of the initial cutting stage of the wheel type electroplating blade" by Yan Heliang of the seventh part, "Reducing the" raised "defect rate of the electroplating wafer blade" by Li Yunhui, "Reducing the warping deformation scrap rate of the electroplating blade without wheels of 0.07-0.08mm" by Li Yuanyuan of the eighth part The stain defect rate of the blade of the scribing knife and Huang Changyu's Improving the "vertical strip" defect in the coating Process.


The publication contest lasted from 9:00 am to 17:00 PM on the 17th, after a day of fierce competition, the comprehensive jury of 12 experts on each QC group activity material review scores and on-site review scores, and finally determined the winners of each award. Among them, Sanmo Institute won 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 1 third prize, 2 excellence awards and excellent unit awards.


Adhering to the concept of high-quality development, the company has long promoted QC group activities as an important mass quality activities. According to the characteristics of QC group "small, real, live and new", the company has fully stimulated the quality improvement and innovation enthusiasm of front-line production department personnel, exerts the power of collective wisdom, and carries out QC group activities in a full, whole process and all-round way. A number of outstanding results have been formed, and these results have made positive contributions to improving the quality management level of the company and promoting high-quality development.


Correspondent: Gao Xiaohui