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Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute Holds 2022 Annual Party Branch Secretary's Work Review Meeting

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On January 10th, Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute held the 2022 Annual Party Branch Secretary Work Review Meeting, with the participation of company party committee members, party branch secretaries, branch members, and relevant staff from the party committee work department. The attendees conducted a democratic evaluation of the efforts of party branch secretaries to strengthen party building in 2022.




At the meeting, the seven party branches of Sanmo Institute reported their work on-site on the ideological and political construction, organizational construction, party building integration work, progress in the construction of the "three primary colors" team, party conduct and clean governance construction, performance, focus on finding and solving problems, and the next steps of work ideas and plans for the year 2022.











Shao Junyong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company, summarized the review: this review is a centralized test for all the party branches of the company to perform the responsibility system of party building work in 2022 and the party branch secretary to assume the "one post, two responsibilities"; we exchange work experience, centralized and unified learning, and summarize the achievements and shortcomings of all the work of the branch over the past year with the aim to comprehensively improve the ideological consensus of the party staff at the grass-roots level and the ability to solve practical problems, and to draw a satisfactory conclusion for the continuity and seriousness of the work of the whole year, as well as to lay a solid foundation for the next year's work.




Shao Junyong put forward specific requirements on the work of each party branch in the next year and emphasized that 2023 is the opening year of the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, the company's development of the work of the task is arduous and heavy, and various types of risks and challenges are still severe. We hope that the secretary of each party branch will effectively take up their responsibilities, continue to establish the concept of "high-quality party building to promote high-quality development", plan, deploy and promote the party building work together with the center of the work, gather consensus, firm confidence, and work hard to continue to contribute to the company's high-quality development.


          Correspondent: Dou Xinfeng