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Exhibition and Broadcasting of the "Demonstration Party Branch Work Law" The Fifth Party Branch of Sanmo Institute: The "Four First Class" Work Law

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Editor's note

The Party branch is the basic unit for the Party organization to carry out its work, and is the foundation for all the Party's work and combat effectiveness. In recent years, the Party Committee of Sanmo Institute has firmly established a clear guidance of "all Party work to branches", promoted the deep integration of Party building and business, and achieved significant results. In order to promote the continuous improvement of the standardization, standardization, and branding level of grassroots party building, the Party Committee of Sanmo Institute has collected the "Demonstration Party Branch Work Law" throughout the company, and is now showcasing the best for each party branch to learn from. Today, we will broadcast the "Four First Class" work method of the Fifth Party Branch.


Branch Overview

The Fifth Party Branch of Sanmo Institute currently has 23 party members, consisting of all party members from Special Materials Department 1, Special Materials Department 2, and Product Department 7. Among them, 15 have a graduate degree or above, and 17 are under the age of 35. It is a dynamic and effective team. In 2021, the sales receipts completed by the three constituent departments of the Fifth Party Branch accounted for 27% of the company's total sales of superhard material products, making outstanding contributions to the company's business development.


Featured practices

1、 Creating a first-class ideology and building an "advanced" party branch

The five branches have always regarded promoting the improvement of quality and efficiency in grassroots party building work as an important means to lay a solid foundation and establish a solid foundation.



Party members of the five branches are conducting theoretical learning



Firstly, ideological construction and team building go hand in hand. In terms of ideological construction, the party branch has organized party members to listen carefully to General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on July 1 and study the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee by carrying out the emancipation of the mind discussion on "High-quality development, what should we do", the seminar on the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan, and the branch symposium and other party activities. "It organizes party members to listen carefully to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on July 1 and study the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and guides party members to insist on deepening theoretical learning, refining in dealing with risks and tests, and honing in strengthening their role as well as their performance; in terms of team construction, members of the branch committee work conscientiously and responsibly, and strengthen their functions of serving the staff and the masses.



Shao Junyong, Deputy Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, gave a Party lecture to Party members of the Five Branches



Secondly, we insist on the standardization of party branches. The branch strictly implements the system of "three meetings and one class", and carries out responsibility implementation and work breakdown based on the annual "Party Building Task List" and "Party Building Responsibility List", which effectively ensures that all work is carried out in a timely and orderly manner. Strengthening the education of party members, through organizing the study of the "Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Actions", watching warning education film and television and other forms, guiding the majority of party members and cadres to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, adhere to the original mission, exemplary compliance with the law, loyalty, clean and play a role.


2、 Creating first-class talents and building a "striving oriented" party branch

The branch always takes fully activating the sense of responsibility of party members and cadres as the driving force for the sustained, stable, and high-quality development of the enterprise.




One is the construction of a talent team. The branch will establish a party group quality improvement team with party members as the core, and create a "one branch, one brand" party building brand with "quality is related to you, me, and others". Through activities such as DOE experimental design training, FMEA training and practice, and Control plan training and practice, on the one hand, the professional skills of employees have been improved, laying a solid foundation for improving product quality. On the other hand, the branch has successively cultivated and developed five business backbone members into active members of the party, greatly enhancing the vitality of the branch.



On site acceptance of entrepreneurship and innovation projects


In 2021, 17 entrepreneurship and innovation projects were applied for (3 of which were listed as key projects of National Machinery Precision Industry), with over 50 participants and 15 key production problems solved; 15 invention patents have been applied for, and currently 4 have been authorized.



Party members and comrades conduct on-site research on product technical difficulties


The second is to play the exemplary role of party members as pioneers. The branch conducts a publicity and learning activity on the deeds of advanced party members who are "role models around us, the force to move forward", guiding the majority of party members to work hard and work bravely. By strengthening technological innovation, solving technical problems and production bottlenecks, it makes greater contributions to the sustained and stable development of the company.


3、 Creating a first-class culture and building a "harmonious" party branch

Taking into account the youthful and energetic characteristics of the branch employees, the branch organized rich and colorful party building activities, carrying out the "Remembering the Martyrs and Studying Party History, Striving to Continue a New Chapter" - a party day activity to sweep the Martyrs Cemetery in Zhengzhou City and the Zhongyuan Martyrs Memorial Hall, fully mobilizing the patriotism and centripetal force of the employees; COVID-19 protection lecture activities enriched the health knowledge of employees; Reading exchange meetings and other activities are blooming, which promotes emotional communication among employees and strengthens their cohesion.



Visit the Zhongyuan Martyrs Memorial Hall


In July 2021, a rare extremely heavy rainstorm will successively occur in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang, flooding urban roads, blocking traffic and trapping people. The production base and dormitories of the Special Materials Department 2 of the Five Branches in Xinxiang City were also completely submerged, and three employees were temporarily placed in the dormitories of the Sanmosuo Family Courtyard on the evening of the 23rd. At the first moment, Comrade Shao Junyong, a member of the company's party committee, led some party members of the branch to bring daily necessities to comfort the three trapped employees and brought them urgently needed daily necessities such as towels, ham sausages, and milk. The flood has no lovers and emotions. Everyone is united and united to overcome the flood, and work and life quickly return to normal.



Comrade Shao Junyong's condolences to the "720" disaster stricken employees


The branch closely revolves around the core values of the company's "teamwork, innovation, and win-win", actively practices the "harmony" culture, and the personnel of each team are equal to each other, assisting each other, comprehensively improving their work abilities in work, and jointly promoting the branch's work to move forward at full speed.


4、 Creating first-class performance and building a "dedicated" party branch

The branch always adheres to guiding the majority of Party members to uphold the belief that "dedication interprets the value of a Communist Party member", always bearing in mind the heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, working diligently, conscientiously, and daring to take on responsibilities in their respective positions.



Branch sends care to shift employees


The technical team of the branch works overtime and tirelessly improves their skills and craftsmanship, with each white hair representing a sleepless night of dedication for young technicians; The branch production team, faced with the difficulties of delayed arrival of raw materials, low demand for single varieties, frequent replacement of production fixtures, unstable customer orders, and temporary adjustment of customer orders, took on heavy responsibilities and volunteered to work overtime. Employees in production bottleneck processes actively applied for double twelve shifts and did not let the machines stop for a second. The workshop in the cold night was as bright as day, just like the burning youth and blood of employees.



Party members are fighting on the front line


Comrade Wang Weihua, a party member of the branch, has a daily movement record of 20000 steps, Comrade Liu Xun, a process engineer, takes the subway at 10 pm every night, and Comrade Feng Jianpeng, a precision grinding team, tracks in the snowy night These role models around us all inspire us to move forward and fight!